Sunday, September 28, 2014

Whimsical Windows - Harvest Fest

Toby's fun meme, Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors, arrives a scant six days before the event of the autumnal season event of the year (in our domicile of Ansonia CT, at least :), that being the Harvest Festival. This is the main event of the Ansonia Cultural Commission, of which I am a member compiling the metrics and designing the program book - as of today, there are 101 vendors. We hope for sun...The windows and doors are of our city hall all dressed up for previous Harvest Festival, awash in mums and pumpkins. I, for one, am ready!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday - Seasonaly adjusted

It is now Autumn up north of the Equator, and for Shadow Shot Sunday 2, I am looking for seasonal shot subjects from any era. And I have two that should work. It is the Autumn of 1968, and my grandfather (left, aka: The Sage of Steubenville) and grandmother were visiting the family as we trekked to the old Cider Mill in Glastonbury CT. As I remember it, the press was in an old barn and it bottled the cloudy and unpasteurized* cider. With a southerly sun, shadows fall upon the visitors and harvested fruit alike. SSS2 just adds to the seasonal charm...

* - I may sound like an old-timer when I say all seven of us children drank unpasteurized apple cider with no ill effects. Although when becoming a parent a couple of decades later, we changed our tune somewhat. So from milk, to cider to beer, pasteurized just seems safer - maybe I am an old-timer :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Seagull Scanning the Sound

The seagull sits on the roof, getting a commanding view his fellow gulls on the beach can only dream of...see WW and WW

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ruby Tuesday Too - Subtle event reds

I have been away but am happy today to participate again in Ruby Tuesday Too - where any shade of red will do. On Saturday, we participated in the Wheel-a-Thon, a walk / wheelchair roll event. I have been a board member, member, employee and now contractor for the organization hosting the event, the Center for Disability Rights (CDR) in West Haven, CT - a cross-disability center for independent living. Prior to the start, we see reds all over, although not one dominating the scene: a guitar strap, a sign of the event's sponsors, a red umbrella highlight and the woman to the left with the red hair - she sang the national anthem (and very well too :). Many a ruby to admire...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Shoreline, Slight and Strong

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 returns me to about four hours ago to an involving wheelchairs and walkers event on the shoreline of Long Island Sound in West Haven CT. Naturally any event under a faint soon-to-be autumn sun involves shadows. And a couple were captured, the top being slight (the fences above the seawall) and strong (under the canopy of trees). Seasonal shadowy effects should be captured without hesitation - I know the rules :)