Monday, August 24, 2015

Ruby Tuesday Too - Crayola Candle

For the fun meme Ruby Tuesday Too, a celebration of the hue red, I am offering a look at a unique item. This is a jar candle surrounded by a series of crayons, many of them in variations of ruby. This was created as a gift by our daughter, obtaining her Masters in Elementary Ed. As a student teacher/intern, she made the cute candle, she made this for her fourth-grade cooperating teacher at the school where she was assigned. This is thoughtful, creative and quite ruby...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday - Classic tarmac shadows

Last week I found an envelope of 8x10 photos in a file cabinet in the garage, and I think this might have been stored since 1997-1998 or so. There were a lot of pics therein from the 1940s on, and I found the second of a cool B&W photo which I am using for this week's Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

This is likely from March 1970, the person is my father returning from London, the place being the tarmac at JFK Airport in New York and the big subject in the background was the then brand new Boeing 747. On a sunny day in the Borough of Queens, the shadows are quite strong. The reason that he went down the steps that the 747 was so big that loading bridges to the plane were not yet installed at the Pan Am Worldport terminal.

On the back of the photo is a caption "Pan American World Airways, JFK Airport, New York" so this was when all was good...Pan Am passed away in 1991 and the Worldport terminal was razed in 2013. But four plus decades ago, the sun was bright and here is a picture of an optimistic future - I love the surprising discovery of these long-lost historical pics

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Hand Cycle Kid

This device is a hand cranked bicycle for wheelchair users, and a cute guy who seems disinclined to try it out, too little to reach the pedals or who is almost ready to graduate to two wheels...see WW 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Ruby Tuesday Too - White Pizza Ruby

Normally we think of pizza as a red treat, covered in tomato sauce - a perfect subject for Ruby Tuesday Too. Yet here is an odd ruby, a white pie (mozzarella and Romano cheeses and garlic) with sun-dried tomatoes being the sole ruby on the entrée. Other reds include are the tablecloth and cabernet that nicely accent our table setting at Molto-Bene in Ansonia...and our dinner was delicious :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday - Playground

It has been a nice summer, warm but not quite as humid as usual. Thus, being outside on a sunny day at a playground makes for a fine post for Shadow Shot Sunday 2. The day was beautiful at a park in nearby Milford - fair weather shadows rule this 80ºF / 27ºC day of children playing and parents playing along too...