Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Am I Flighty?

What is this fascination I have with planes and airliners? I'm not sure, but when I was really little (1960-1962), my father was a travel writer for UPI in New York City. The 707 jets were new, and my father often travelled abroad and my mother would haul all 5 (at the time) kids to see my father off or return at Idlewild (now JFK) airport. I loved watching planes at an early age.

My father was also the resident plane crash expert/writer at UPI. One bad crash he wrote about was a mid-air over NYC between a TWA Constellation and a United DC-8 in 1960 (I was 5). My mother told me this story that we were outside the day after, and I opened my arms (like a plane) and I crashed into a snowbank saying "I'm a DC-8!" Now a 5 year old doesn't understand the protocol about these things, but that might have seemed cute in an offbeat way, I guess.

Fast forward to our domicile in which we have resided for the last 16 years. Saturdays in the summer, we grill on the patio, drink wine, and (at least I) watch airplanes...Many flights flying east from JFK to Europe fly over our house. About 10 years ago, we counted at least 35 planes during the course of the meal. I often comment that "Here comes the bar cart (on the plane)" or something inane like that. I like watching planes.

I have flown with the wheelchair on Continental, Southwest and Delta and all were fine. It i s a unique procedure to board the plane, but once I was bumped into first (spinach lasagne and free wine) instead of coach (peanuts, maybe, and $5 Beer). I can get the bulkhead seat which has more legroom, one of the many advantages of the wheelchair :>)

The thing I like best about flying is knowing that you are in a heavier than air machine flying through the air...

I do have other interests...really...stay tuned!


Joan said...

Reading your blog somehow makes me feel better about flying. Until last June (when we flew to Vancouver to board our Alaska bound cruise ship), I hadn't flown in more than 20 years. Mind you...we flew quite often between NY and Montreal when growing up but, when I became an adult, I suddenly discovered my fear of flying. Now I have to fly from LA to Ireland in June and I'm beginning to get that ol' knot in my stomach. Can you help me?

Lynn said...

I used to love to go to the TWA terminal in New York. It was so futuristic, at the time. I still love to fly, although I don't do it that often...and I must admit while I appreciate the need for all of the security, given the times we live in, somehow the "fun" is taken out of a trip to the airport.

chubskulit said...

Just digging through your old posts.. Am curious why you are using wheelchair.. I know it's none of my business but I just want to know. No, I am not nosey, just want to know online friends a little bit.

Your family inspired me and my husband.

chubskulit said...
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