Monday, April 23, 2007

Calling all Performing Artistes

We don’t do this enough, so Patti, Kid2 and myself saw live theater on Saturday. We saw To Kill a Mockingbird and it was wonderful. I am slightly embarrassed, but I never read the book or saw the play or movie until this production. As Patti and myself are season subscribers, I was happy to see something new.

The production was at Center Stage, which is less than ten minutes from our home in CT. The proprietors/directors are Fran and Gary, and I’m always amazed to see the level of detail applied to any play or musical they produce. And the acting is superb, more so when you consider the players are talented non-professional actors. But the actors respond so well to their direction that the production is seamless. It looks professional, and this holds true for the three children’s parts, especially the Scout character. All acted beautifully.

And, the stage was in the middle of the floor and because the seats were arranged around the stage as they were, the show was intimate and there were no bad seats. In November, they staged Requiem for a Heavyweight with the stage in the middle (to evoke a boxing ring?) and it was equally unique. Many of today’s roles were played by the same actors in Requiem.

Not having read the book, I think I knew how the trial would end, but not how the play ended. The show is so good that it held my attention. In fact at the end of the show, the actor who played the Mayella character said she wanted to meet me because I must have been following the show so intently even this actor noticed that. I guess that this isn’t new for me. After Requiem, an audience member who was sitting on the other side of the ‘ring’ came over after that show, and said that she noticed that I was really into that play.

Kid1 and Kid2 have seen way more on Broadway than I: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Les Mis, and Phantom. Kid1 had also seen The Producers twice. I have only seen Les Mis on Broadway in 1988, pre-wheelchair. I know that to get around NYC best, you really need the use of the subways and taxis, both inaccessible to me…I’ll make it happen sometime :>) But don’t look at B-way as the only thing as there is good regional and local theater (and even schools, as Kid2’s drama club did a great production of A Streetcar Named Desire recently). Any live production will do.


Patti said...

We had a great time; live theater is the best.

Lynn said...

Every year I take Ten, Twelve and my mom to watch a High School musical, and each year we are pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

Joan said...

I adore live theater but theater tickets here are just as outrageous as New York. On occasion we will see something in a small venue which is just as good as one of our major theater productions. And this year we saw a high school production of Sweet Charity which was outstanding...but then our friends' daughter played the lead role so maybe we were a bit biased. ;~)