Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chain of command?

  • I don't know how long I can keep up this pilot-in-command stuff. You know, like I'm the Captain, the first mate is the First Officer, kid 2 is the Flight Engineer and kid 1 is the...Purser??? I'm reaching here, aren't I?

  • I really don't bark orders here...this crew (myself and the first mate) is a true partnership / collaboration / friendship...And we have so much in common. When we met on 1/30/1985, check out these similarities:
  1. She was/is a writer, as was my father
  2. I was a Buyer, and her father was a Buyer
  3. We both drove VW Rabbits ('79 auto, '82 4-speed)
  4. We both shot pictures with a Pentax K1000
  5. We both like red wine
Cool, wasn't it! But through the years, it's even more...we think alike, we like the same art, houses, landscaping, whatever...I always said I'm sentamental!

  • It was nice to see kid 1 this past weekend. I took her back to school (1 hour), but we stopped at an old Hartford area diner (with a large neon sign) for breakfast on the way. My choice was a bacon and cheddar omelet and kid 1 had a ham and cheddar omelet, rye toast. and fresh diner coffee. Fat? Cholesterol? Calories? Caffeine? Who cares! Nothing like a big diner breakfast sometimes
  • Tomorrow is kid 2's high school band warm-up concert for the band trip to Philadelphia in two weeks. We love these events. He started with the piano, played sax, and really likes the marimba (piano training...it has a keyboard) and learned the trombone for the James Bond theme they'll be playing...and the music director is fabulous, and a wonderful teacher and motivator. Why do kids have to grow up???
Patti will be giving lessons in adding graphics, blog links, etc. I want to blog every day. I can't say if blogging is therapeutic, but I like it!


Lynn said...

Well captain...clearly your relationship with the First Officer was meant to be!

Just so you know, food eaten when returning one of your kids to college, has no negative nutritional value...it is all processed as if you ate a nice big salad. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

I'm glad that you plan to blog everyday...I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

Joan said...

You and your First Officer seem to have the perfect "working" relationship which makes you one very lucky couple. And then there are your crew members...you must be one heck of a Captain to enjoy such a close knit bond with them.

And I am so looking forward to more "notes from the air."

sari said...

One of the great things about being a daughter is you can always, anytime, go for a lovely "breakfast dinner" with your dad at a great old diner. It's required! :-)