Monday, April 9, 2007

Cleared for the Approach

I'm not really an 'airhead' in the endearing dopey way. The air in my head needs to be replaced with facts, stuff or whatever interests me. Can't stay empty for long!

I am a boomer, married for 20+ and father of two, who muses about all sorts of things, perhaps some offbeat. I'd like to blog about these things. What has convinced me to take this plunge is that the main love of my life is a writer who has taken a plunge into the blog, and really enjoys this.

My intersets are all over the place. As you may know, "Cleared for the approach" means you are lined up with the runway, landing flaps set, gear down and barring any mistakes...

But I like all wheeled conveyances such as my Pride 1103 Jazzy wheelchair, my Ford E-150 Club Wagon and the first officer's Hyundai.

I love to cook, as our kitchen has been modified to fit my personal wheeled conveyance (lowered counters, range, sink, etc). Chicken Dijon with a crisp Pouliiy Fuissé anyone?

I can speak about the Interstate highway system in CT with anyone...even if they don't care!

I have many interests...And I like to learn new things...And I like to talk with interesting people.

"Oh Its a Blogger's Life for Me..."


Lynn said...

As one of your lovely wife's - "adopted west coast sisters" I want to officially welcome you to the wonderful world of blogging. I can't wait to hear what you have to share!

Joan said...

As the other "adopted West Coast sister," I too want to welcome my "brother-in-law" to the Land of Blogs. After all, we all want to keep it in the family. Now I have to get Hubby to get back to his so he can be a member of our clan.

Ralph said...

Many thanks for the welcome. I was around LAX for 1984 Olympics, and except for the 24 hour jams on the 405 and Harbor, It was pretty nice. Given the non-spring these days, weather as nice as LA would be appreciated now!

Ralph said...
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