Friday, April 27, 2007

It is raining and cool today, and with the magic of digital photography, I'll warm up a bit. Here, Kid1 is relaxing after dinner on the patio, Nothing like a serious carmelized marshmallow after an outdoor meal. Note that we use charcoal...for a better grilling. I know that there are two ways to grill, and a gas grill is cleaner, with more even heat. But with charcoal there is more smoke and soot and burning odors in your clothes and hair. What more could a guy want?

This one is rather unremarkable, taken (per a roadgeek's request) along I-95 in Providence RI...except that I-195 is our exit for the Cape...and we are 60% of the way there by now!!! Of course, we traverse many garden spots such as Swansea...Best travel news this year is that the dreaded Sagamore Rotary before the bridge to the Cape is being replaced with freeway style ramps...If you've not travelled any of these circular gems in the Commonwealth of MA, consider yourself blessed!

Hyannis is on Nantucket Sound, not the direct ocean, so no real waves. However, the water temp is 73 deg F in the sound. Drive 20 miles to the ocean in Orleans, they have huge waves but really cold 58 deg F water...pick your poison. Kids 1 and 2 are relaxing! Of course, the older timers are trying to keep out of the sun. I'm glad that there is a K-Mart nearby, so we can chuck these floats for ones that will hold air :>) I say that the town of Barnstable beaches are really nice, well guarded, family friendly and have beach wheelchairs and the lifeguards have helped me to get into the chair and have pushed me onto the beach.

Finally, every resort area has good Ice Cream. This is the Four Seas in Centerville, and I think that it has been here since the 30's or 40's (that old neon sign dates the place a bit). Great ice cream with absolutely no ambiance outside. The first mint chocolate chip I've seen that wasn't green (tan). Delicious due to copious amounts of butterfat. I've seen this place mentioned on the History Channel...the crowds here attest that this is good. There are other good ice cream places on the Cape, such as Katie's in Hyannis and the Sundae School in Orleans. We should try them all.

(It is still raining and cool at the end of this post)...As they say, think warm thoughts..


Lynn said...

It's about 90 degrees here today. Ten has a baseball game at 5pm will cool down to about 85 by then. I would love some rainy, cooler weather right about now.

Joan said...

I spent this morning walking around a Book Festival in 90 degree weather being bombarded by a blazing hot sun. I'd give anything to have rainy, cool to share???

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...
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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi ralph, very nice to meet you, on the deleted comment above i had to married to the wrong person, sorry... gosh i have to learn to keep things straight.

now right off the bat i have to ask you if there is any chocolate in here? i mean in the comments box. see i like to nibble on chocolate while i write comments. some people leave me some. others don't and i complain some. all the meloncutter has is frozen burritos in his comments box and they stink. now odat usually has chocolate, see? i like to have fun and try every day. again, nice to meet you.

later dude...

smiles, bee

Ralph said...

There are (4) chocoloholics in this family...Hershey's Truffle Kisses are quite good...The darker chocolate the better, I say