Saturday, April 21, 2007

Where's Ralph (is it my turn to watch him???)

I have been looking through my widely scattered archives, and I found another bit of history from the early days in Bayside. This is from the first time in Queens (1956-1958) at I think 204-07 35th Avenue.

At this time in 1957, Grandpa (Ralph), Grandma (Agnes) and Aunt Terry were taking me and my older sister to Manhattan that day. There is a sequence, and I'll post them when I find them. Grandma and Terry are dressed in their finest dresses and stylish hats and gloves, grandpa a suit, and Michele a dress and hat. Can you imagine people dressing up to go downtown today? I believe that we took the subway, and perhaps the Staten Island Ferry.

The next picture is also from 1957 as well. They were taken on the observation deck at the Pittsburgh Airport. In the first one, Grandpa (Ralph I) is to the left and Dad (Ralph II), flying back to NYC, is on the right. Notice how people also dressed up to fly in those days. Even Grandpa dressed up to drive dad to the airport! Grandpa looks great in that suit, BTW.

I probably got my appreciation for aviation around that time, hearing about that trip from my dad and the UPI travel/crash stuff when we lived in Bayside the second time. If you are wondering (and the First Officer surely isn't), the TWA plane is a Martin 404 powered by the legendary Pratt&Whitney R2800 piston engines (legendary to a confirmed airgeek like me at any rate). Everyone today hates the minor bumps that pass for turbulence in a jet today, but that plane probably never flew more than 12,000 feet, and that was a turbulence magnet bouncing in the clouds.


Joan said...

What a cute boy you were! I had to laugh when you mentioned getting dressed up to go on an airplane. The first time my mother ever let me wear stockings (yes, there were no pantyhose in the olden days) was when I was a young teen and we were flying from NY to Montreal. I will never ever forget that day!

Lynn said...

My memories of New York are that people dressed up all of the time. Is is still like that today?

sari said...

We were laughing this morning as we rolled out of the house in our Saturday morning clothes to go to the market...our neighbors were walking and were all dressed up and perfectly made up.

We felt like the Schlepp Family, but not bad enough that a hat wouldn't take of it, ha ha.

Patti said...

Sari, I feel like we're the Schlepp Family around here. I like to think of it as wearing clothes that are "wrinkled but clean."
Hats are a good idea. Airhead 55 (a.k.a. Homer)often dons one.
You are wearing a jaunty one in your photo. ;-)