Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Potpourri, anyone?

Well, I think that this current 'writers block' is going away. There will be no comments about me being the second 'blockhead' after lovable Charlie Brown...right???

So I have taken the liberty to talk about a few interesting things. Like this early view of (L-R) Kid2 and Kid1, I think in early 1992, which would make the boy about 16 months, and the girl a little more than 2 1/2. I suspect that he wasn't taking direction well, and something about "Read my Lips" was in order. They are best friends today, and I think so then as well.....

As promised on an earlier post, I was going to show my readership the Bayside Belle fashion show at 204-07 35th Avenue in Bayside, NY in 1957. I noted that Michele and myself were dressed up, but the ladies Grandma and Aunt Terry were dressed up for our trip into Manhattan, aka "the City" to those in the other four boroughs of what you always thought was part of the contraire! Anyhow, check the hats, the smart 1957 designs and that animal around Grandma's neck. I think now that Grandpa probably drove us to the City in his three-tone '55 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer (it was a 'hemi' as they say these days). I just don't think those outfits were subway friendly (heck, it must have been a trick just to sit down in those clothes). Terry, on the right was only 15...clothes make the girl, I'd say.

This last one needs no explanation. It is only a very comfortable
Sir Humphrey of the Uplands...No, he hasn't obtained a peerage or is a member of the House of Lords...but he sure acts the part. He is especially tough with his meow demands:
- Feed Me
- Open all the windows
- Give me the garage
- Feed me
He's a good guy when he is awake (6 hours per day), and lives a soft life (not including his fur). we became cat people by default, but he is okay. Check out the "did you have to disturb me" look!


Lynn said...

An adorable picture of Kid 1 and Kid 2...can you believe that Kid 1 has now finished her freshman year in college??? Where has the time gone?

Picture # 2 - The bricks are certainly 'a give away' that is was taken back east. Did you ever play 'stoop ball' against the front stoop?

Picture #3 - Sir Humphrey certainly has that do not disturb look down pat!

Glad you broke through the writer's block!

Ralph said...

Lynn, the later time in Bayside, 203rd and 2o4th Streets were dead ends that were bordered by the LIRR, so street softball (with a tennis ball, so as to not break windshields) was okay. that was fun :<)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

she's holding the gloves in her hand i think. i had to enlarge it to see where the gloves were, i knew they would be there somewhere! ha ha

smiles, bee

sari said...

Great pictures!

Joan said...

The photo of Kid1 and Kid2 is precious! And I love the photo of your Grandma and Aunt Terry. I particularly love your aunt's flying saucer hat. And why do you think women of that time thought that wearing a dead animal around the neck was so attractive? I never did figure that one out!

Patti said...

My mother had one of those dead animals to wear around her neck back then too. I was intrigued by it as a child.

allegra said...

wouldn't i have been 3 1/2? :)

Ralph said...

Darling, of course you were!!!!!!

Patti said...

Allegra, you caught Daddums!!!