Saturday, May 5, 2007

Summertime, and the lawnin' is easy

I think that this perfect lawn fetish is a suburban guy thing. I've heard many men talk about fertilizer, lime, type of grass seed, manure and other 'earthy' things (I didn't spend much time on that line!). The picture to your left of a green carpet er lawn does not express the views of management...or our lawn. The term turf sounds too majestic given the actual ground under our feet. Can we all say Ground Cover?
Given my wheelchair, I am not able to really do the guy thing and work on the lawn, short of summoning Kids 1&2 to work on the lawn. Yet, when the mulberry tree is in bloom in the front yard, I think that we have the nicest front lawn on the street. The grass isn't great except for what's in the shade, but only my F.O. has a flower bed guarded by gnomes. And the shrubbery (I think of Monty Python's Holy Grail where the order is to cut down shrubbery with a herring...DONG!) we have is trimmed and neat. So any ugly crabgrass is offset by cute-as-a button gnomes. I guess that I can't play in the manly great grass game.

I can participate in the one to the right...burnin' meat over a charcoal fire, of course a manly endeavour. Although here I am charbroiling an innocent marshmallow. I suppose that this activity goes back the cave person's world where I slayed the impala/elk/bear/dinosaur to feed my family...okay that's a stretch. As they say about disabilities, that ability is the root of the prior word, and I am able to burn (I mean 'char') a London Broil with the best of 'em!


knitphomaniac said...

I've never understood the whole Lawn thing either, until I moved into my own place, so I know what you mean :)

It looks like you've a fantastic property, it must be nice to have mulberry trees!

:) Have a great summer!

Ralph said...

Th squirrels, grackels and neighbor kids love the fruit, and we get lots of critters that love mulberries and seem to leave purple...uh...residue on our vehicles as well!

Michael C said...

You have reached to the true core of me as a man (well, when you add NASCAR into the equation)when you speak of the pursuit of green lawns and grilling with charcoal! Well done my friend, well done!

Lynn said...

At our old house, we used to have a fruitless mulberry tree, which killed all of the grass that was under it. It did provide beautiful shade, and the leave were useful for feeding our silkworms. As for grilling marshmallows, it is a skill to be able to get it just right, and not lose it in the fire.

I think that if they make skis and boards, for snow,water and streets...why can't they make wheelchairs that will roll over lawns?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

great post! when we were (much) younger sarge has a lovely lawn, perfectly green, no crabgrass, no weeks at all, mowed to perfection. then (whew) he got over it! he obsessed over that lawn so much! boy was i ever glad when he went on to "greener pastures" (a different obsession!). he always has at least one, currently it is blogging and poker! have a great day ralph!

smiles, bee

Joan said...

The philosophy at our house is "if it's green, let it be." So...if a weed is green, it becomes part of the lawn! :~)