Sunday, May 13, 2007

To Mom

Yes, it's mothers day, and we children (and we all are) get to honor mom in small ways. My mom has been gone for over 20 years, and is missed. I only wish that she could have known Kid1 and Kid2, she (and they) would have been impressed!

But it's not that I don't have great memories of Eileen (Scott). To the left is Mom with her firstborn, my older sister Michele, in 1954. For all the work a baby entails, that is a genuine smile - that whatever work there was and the work ahead, she is happy and proud of the new life in her life...To Joan, that picture of your mom and you two, it is that look of happiness, and you can't fake it!

To the right, is after Kids 2 (myself) and 3 (a pretty young Claudia) at a picture shoot at our grandparents in Ohio, fall 1956. Mom is taking all of this in stride, because judging from me, this photo shoot is about to implode! Can you imagine getting us all dressed and keeping us in relatively good humor for this photo event (Grandpa had a thing about taking a lot of pictures to be sure that good ones would happen). And to my relations who look closely will see Grandma's Divan (that's what she called it), now beautifully restored and recovered on Blueberry Lane)'

Today's honoree is Patti's mom, Marion. This shot was from Christmas, 2002, and is with Kid2 (now about 7-8 inches taller than then). Today i prepared Pork Dijon, cheese mashed potatoes and roasted zucchini, with a dry white Spanish Rioja, and typical wonderful conversation. Marion is a nice lady, and I hope to celebrate Mother's Day with her for many more. Some say this is another artificial holiday...but moms are important and worthy of all 365 days, but this day was nice.


Joan said...

Those are two great photos of your mom and family from just a "few" years ago. You and my sister Lynn seem to suffer from the same malady...the squirmies. :~)

And that's a wonderful photo of your MIL Marion with Kid2...wonder what he was drinking from that cup. can come over and cook for me any ol' all sounds so scrumptous.

Lynn said...

Are you sure that your mother was indeed smiling and not in a daze? I don't understand how mom's did that...I certainly seem to be in a daze most days. What great pictures...thanks for sharing them. Sounds like you made Mother's Day special for both your MIL and First Officer.

Patti said...

Lynn: He did!
Joan: He loves to cook...

Michael C said...

Amen to you thoughts and I'm glad you had such a nice visit. Nice menu by the way, we had baby back ribs...although now that I think about it, the food was enjoyed more by my father and I ;-)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

what are you doing today ralph??? come on! blog!!!

smiles, bee