Friday, June 29, 2007

Customized Service

Finally we have had a sort of Vulcan Mind Meld between the mortgage company and our homeowners insurance company and their agent. We will close on our longer-term-but-lower-monthly-payment mortgage tomorrow at 11:30. I think that the mortgage company finally got their act together because if we close on June 30, they can book this sale in June...amazing how the calender makes things happen!

This is one of the things that we needed to complete since my unemployment. The next thing was getting a short term Golden Rule catastrophic health insurance policy for the F.O. and Kid1 and Kid2. I sent my previous employer the COBRA sheet and will decide if I should buy the insurance for myself ($580/mo). I'll decide in 45 days. Today I received an additional 56 days of medication in samples from my GI doctor for my Ulcerative Colitis...It is an expensive prescrip, but I've been out of work enough to ask (grovel?) for samples from a doctor for pricey medicines.

As for service, I went to Home Cheapo looking for bags of pine bark nuggets for basic ornamental fill around shrubbery (reminds me of Monty Python's Holy Grail). Of course I needed help to get the bags and loaded in the van. The very nice sales clerk called for help, and a guy named Sal showed up. He was what you might say 'slow', but I saw something. he left and I mentioned to the clerk that he will help me. She asked how? I said that being in sales and purchasing I can see that he wants to help (maybe a bit intuitive). He came back with a cart and picked seven non-opened bags of nuggets, and placed them in my van as I requested. I was so impressed. Perhaps the 'slow' disabled person, being disabled but ready to work, is a great worker. Being disabled, I notice good service. Give me a 100 Sals to work in customer service, and make the customer satisfied. Boy, what a concept: take care of the customer without complaint.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yup you are right about the end of month! my son sells cars. never buy a car the first of the month. true for all commissioned stuff. and nice about the good service!

smiles, bee

Lynn said...

Yeah for Sal! Glad you had a good is often so hard to find good customer service. As far as getting the samples from the doctors office...good for you for asking...that's what they're there for.

Joan said...

I'm glad to read that your doctor was able to give you samples of your meds...and it's not groveling. That's exactly why the pharmaceutical companies give them to physicians.

And it's nice to know that Home Cheapo is able to provide a job for someone like Sal who is so eager to please. I wish all store employees were as helpful.

the moose buyer said...

See Ralph, even insurance companies have the end of quarter requirements (see my blog, I knew you would understand).

Happy that you did find someone to help you. It can be so frustrating to try to do things on your own.

Any luck with the job search?????

Anonymous said...

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