Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Get a Job?

It is the second work day without work. It's working okay, I am doing the usual practical stuff, securing a temp medical insurance policy for Patti and the kids. The mortgage re-finance should close next week. With my new found time, I have been cooking today. I simmered nine chicken thighs and make enough broth for two pots of soup, five fajitas that were grilled this evening, and enough left for chicken salad tomorrow (with celery!). So it's been a good day.

I have been doing the usual online work stuff, you know, sending the resumes to Monster, Career Builder, Hot Jobs, etc. although I want to work, I'm not sure I want to do much of what I did in the past, especially purchasing. Nothing about that position that I don't like, but after 20 years of that, I'd like a change. My last job in sales administration was interesting. But maybe it is a time to go beyond a manufacturing environment. I have had to take jobs for the practical reasons before. and I may have at this time now.

A Tired Mama had noted that I might think about a new career where I could train or teach people, maybe I have a knack. Maybe not, but I really want to be able to consider something different. The income considerations are important, but I really need to work with Patti and her numerous contacts and fans in the Valley...none of them are in manufacturing, but are in service industries, non-profits, education, etc. The next position I take might be for practical requirements, but a career change? As they say, stay tuned!


Lynn said...

I will stay tuned and keep good employment thoughts coming your way. Way to make good use of your time...I did nothing particularly valuable today.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well good luck whatever you decide to do. just keep blogging, okay? ha ha

smiles, bee

the moose buyer said...

Ralph, you are in purchasing??? I have been an electronic component and fab buyer for 40 years.

You above all will understand why I am so ready to retire.

I wish you good luck in your search and like Lynn, I think you just might be a darn great teacher.

Patti said...

yes, he is in purchasing.. the most recent job was a inside sales position, which he told me he actually preferred.
He told me "everyone blames the buyer," so I feel for you, Moosie.

Patti said...

"an" inside sales position, I meant.

sari said...

Good luck! Maybe you'll find something new that you love!