Friday, June 15, 2007

More Fur

With the loss of our furry friend the other day, we have to rely on our imagination and memories. If you would, expand the pictures here and get the common view of our friend Humpo (a nickname). He is a comfortable and cool cat. This is the cat as we could see him about 16 hours per day some days.

I noted the other day that I often substituted 'Humphrey' for some lyric in a song. This change in lyrics is appropriate to our late pal. In the Northeast, there is a chain of bedding stores called Sleepy's, and the Radio/TV tag line song is:

Trust Sleepy's for the Rest of Your Life
We're the Mattress Professionals Doing It Right

My change:

Trust Humphrey for the Rest of His Life
Hump's the Mattress Professional Doing It Right

And he was a pro! And if you woke him up while on the bed, the price you had to pay for that was a belly rub, a Midskritch as I say. A small price! The only downside these days is that that ad runs on all local TV, local cable TV and radio a lot...It reminds me of Mr Humphrey, or if you prefer, SeƱor or Monsieur or Signore or Herr Humphrey. I don't know about international cat languages, but he was quite fluent in Meow!

Is there another pet in our future? I think so, but don't quite know when. I like that there isn't really an owner-servant relationship with a pet, but they are a really part of the family. They really don't have to pull their weight as a family member, it is quite rewarding to allow them to tell us what to do...

It's happening agian, I hear a song: Trust Humphrey for the Rest...


Lynn said...

Isn't it funny how we just come to take for granted the presence of our pets in our lives, and yet feel their absence so loudly.

Patti said...

Yes, Lynn, I know what you mean. I keep thinking I see him on the floor, out of the corner of my eye, looking up at me.

Either waiting for food or waiting for me to open the blinds so he could jump up and look outside..

sari said...

I'm very sorry on your loss! Humphrey always looked like a cool cat.