Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The rewarding blogosphere

I started to blog recently, and really do enjoy it. More importantly, I have made new blogging friends. The blogs I visit are of talented writers, and I discover more and more wonderful writers. For this, I must credit the lovely Patti, the finest writer I know. And there are two kind bloggers that have presented me with awards, and these mean a lot to me.

This has been presented to me by the tired one Lynn, Mama extraordinaire. One of the aspects of this award is for those that make visitors feel at home on their blog. I see this blog as an extension of our home, and as such, welcome to my home. I am not shy, but reserved at the first meeting. I do warm up, but I want you to be comfortable here. I have points of view on many subjects, including politics, but I only want to talk, or invite conversation. To Lynn, I thank you. Also, there is the Bayside connection...I never could have connected SoCal and Bayside if not for some thoughtful bloggers.

This is a gift from Linda, Super Mom. Needing the wheelchair to get around wasn't a lifestyle choice, but was confronted with and was forced to live with a change nobody would choose. There are two ways to deal with such, and that is to whine and complain about this woe, or to assume a quiet dignity and continue to live your life. I think that a measure of courage is within all of us, just waiting for the right moment. For instance, an ambulance dispatcher is cool and professional…they are involved in saving lives That is grace under pressure, that is courage. I like the CT connection as well.


Lynn said...

Both awards are well deserved. Congratulations!

Joan said...

Congratulations on both awards...they are most certainly deserved.

mcewen said...

Newbie from Linda [Are we there yet]
It seems that everywhere I go this morning, people are handing out awards, which takes me to another blog that is also handing out awards - must be some kind of rash!
Best wishes

Linda said...

One of the reasons I thought you deserved this award, Ralph, was because you faced your disability head-on and that, in and of itself, takes courage.

Sometimes it's a lot easier to look outside of ourselves then it is to look inside - which takes massive amounts of courage!

Congratulations on the Thoughtful Blogger Award, too!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

nice. very nice. congratulations and well deserved!

smiles, bee

Skittles said...

I don't know you, but I'm sure you deserved those awards!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Odat said...


the moose buyer said...

congratulations on the awards. Well deserved. I am trying to figure out how to post my awards - sigh - one of these days.

sari said...

I enjoy reading your blog, Ralph, and agree - you make everyone feel at home with the way you write.