Monday, August 27, 2007

You say tomato, I say tomahto

Since the spring, I have been yapping about homegrown tomatoes from the 5-gallon pots on the sunny side of the garage. And here are three early specimens of one of my favorite hybrids, the small-to-medium delicious orbs known as the Jetstar. These are delicious merely dressed lightly in salt and pepper, or with fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. Or like I did last week, as part of an antipasto with mozzarella, Genoa salami and capicola ham. It is nice to have fresh tomatoes, and they are all over the area. But they seem to taste the best from the 5 gal. pots next to the garage. I'd love to throw tomatoes at the morons at Social Security...but not these babies!

On another note, I may be a substitute teacher in several area school systems. I was contacted by Judy at a local Kelly Services branch office about this (they handle subs for many school districts nationwide). I am going to the Ansonia PD tomorrow for the fingerprints needed for the background check (like they're going to find much more than boring :>) I wonder if these events are occurring now to perhaps direct me in another career direction from manufacturing. Education? I couldn't say that for sure, although it is slightly alluring to think that if I got to know the 'right' people in say, the Ansonia system that it could lead to other possible career opportunities. Let's just say that I am intrigued right now.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you tomatoes look wonderful!!! and did you see the king of queens episode where doug went to work as a substitute teacher? i am now picturing you in a white wig! ha ha

seriously, i think you'd be great at it!!!

smiles, and good luck! bee

AndreAnna said...

I think you'd be a good teacher too! We have afew tomato plants and yesterday I made fresh tomato sauce and chili. I never thought of an antipasta salad. Sounds so yummy I think it's next on my list!

Lynn said...

A friend gave us a tomato plant in a pot, and we have been fortunate to have fresh home grown tomatoes. No cardboard tasting tomatoes for us! Will they grow again next year? or do I need to buy a new plant for next year?

You can practice your teaching skills now and explain to me, if you would be so kind, about tomato plants. Teachers hours can't be beat! And you get the summer off, too! Good luck!

Joan said...

Those tomatoes look incredible! I just love sliced tomatoes with a bit of sweet mustard on them. Yummy!

And I'm happy to hear that education may be your path to a new career. Certainly school systems throughout the country are in need of some fresh blood and I think mid-life career changers are the perfect answer. Keep us informed.

Ralph said...

Bee, appreciate the plaudits!

Andreanna, aren't fresh tomatoes the absolute best?

Lynn, nothing other than these tomatoes are in pots in a day long sunny exposure next to our garage. Keep them well watered. That's about it, add Miracle-Gro, etc.

Joan, I hope that I am lead in a different career path. Can I be a good sub? I guess that I can wait and see...

Linda said...

Those look absolutely delicious and so much better than the one I had with my lunch today (it was a tiny thing but was pretty tasty with salt).

Teaching could be an interesting career path and there's certainly no harm in checking it out. Best of luck with and it shall be interesting to see where this might go.

Odat said...

My mouth is watering for those "matas"....I used to grow tomoatoes in containers too...not now tho....;-(
Good luck with that teaching position, you'll do great...(hope ya pass the background check, hehe)

sari said...

Those tomatoes do look delicious!! I'm jealous. Nothing grows here in this heat, I could never do it.

It's exciting, about the teaching position. I think you'd be great! Good luck!

the moose buyer said...

beautiful tomatoes Ralph. I have been craving the small cherry tomatoes for the past 6 months and have been going through 5 boxes a week.

Good luck on the teaching job. I sure hope you get it.