Monday, September 3, 2007

Adam and Sue and Steve

This has been a nice weekend. The star of the day on Saturday is of course little Adam Michael at his Baptism. As some of you know, he was born premature in February, three months early at a svelte 2 lb 12 oz. Everybody understands that preemies have a much better chance than even 20 years ago, but when it is closer to you, it's very easy to doubt. My niece Sue and hubby Steve are really nice people, but as the saying goes, do you believe in miracles? If you you have faith, hope and the belief that your prayers will be answered (and I do), miracles will happen. And his parents will tell you, he is a fighter, which is great. Shall we raise our glasses (any beverage is okay): To Adam, to Sue and to Steve - We all wish for nothing but the best for you all... you are a wonderful family.

Since the Baptism and reception was near Hartford in Manchester, we were able to pick up Kid1 for the event. We were able to get a couple of shots of the family at the church. Looking over the three of us is, I guess, St. Bridget. I don't pose so well for staged pictures I guess (no smile). However, I don't always see Kid2 in a smile that often either. Is this a guy thing? I can't say, but even minus the smile, we had a really good time that day. Kid1 was supposed to work four hours on Saturday, and four on Sunday, but was resourceful enough to agree to work eight on Sunday. This way we could enjoy the dinner afterward, all four of us opting for the prime rib. Haven't heard from Kid1 since after her eight solid hours of helping students move stuff into the dorms. Yet another fine outing for our clan.

At church there is a new family there, and the five year old girl made an inquiry: "Why do you use a wheelchair". I said "I can't walk". She said "Okay". It made sense to her. Kids are so resilient, what's with grownups anyway?

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, often dealing with food. Chicken grilled outdoors for yesterday, and today it was squash tomatoes, limes and fresh garden oregano. Along with pan-fried halibut, and fresh tomato and cheddar salad. The best of the summer. And as out tomato supply dwindles, there is a roadside stand in nearby Orange with thousands of beautifully ripe tomatoes ($2.00/lb), summer squash, zucchini, peppers and pickling cucumbers. I should start counting calories this week, and fresh vegetables are a pretty yummy way to try to control weight. It has been a good weekend.


Lynn said...

Yeah for Adam. It great to hear that he continues to do well.

It's remarkable how much (at least in these pictures) Kid 1 looks like your First Officer, and Kid 2 looks like you.

Kids are so concrete. It's great (at least some of the time) how they are so matter of fact with most things, and not so caught up in what is and isn't o.k. to talk about.

The food looks yummy and sounds delicious.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sounds like a great weekend my friend!

smiles, bee

AndreAnna said...

I am so in love with the summer vegetables - I've been making sauce like a madwoman!!

the moose buyer said...

congratulations to Adam and his folks. I am sure he would continue to thrive.

Good for you on the veggies. Keep working on the program (never say diet because it's a depressing word).

Linda said...

Best wishes to Adam for continued health and happiness.

Smile or no smile you have a great looking family!

Odat said...

Congrats to lil Adam...Bless him!
You've a fine looking family there!!! and yeah aren't kids so non judgemental??? Why can't we keep that with us?


Joan said...

Thanks so much for the update on's so nice to read that he is doing so well and that you all were able to gather for this momentous occasion.

And a weekend devoted to food (including cake) is a great way to spend a few days.

Dan said...

I'm raising my coffee mug right now to Adam, to Sue and to Steve! Miracles do happen.

For the record, I'm drinking coconut flavored coffee. This stuff ROCKS!

Linda said...

You have been tagged with a virus over at my blog. Have fun with it!