Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feeling caloric

I am trying to pay attention to my calorie intake. This is not a diet, but an attempt to keep track of my intake and see if I might lose weight. The problem with counting pounds, or more specifically being able to weigh myself, is that I can't stand and cannot get an accurate weight (I couldn't tell you what I weigh now.

Therefore, the next best thing for me to do is count calories. I want to be able to be honest in noting all that I eat and to be consistent in tracking it daily. I'm hoping the total for the day is 2000 or less. I figured Monday at 1575, but today at 2150 (ouch!). It was probably the Coors Original Beer (144 calories). I am generally rounding up the numbers if I'm unsure of the actual, so the actual count might be less. I suppose that I need to eat more apples, bananas and pears...

The methodology I used is to add the calories of all the items we used, total them and divide by the number of servings for my calorie count. I made a frittata yesterday, so the measurement went like this:

Two eggs, large: 75 calories each, 150 total, 75 per serving
One baked potato: 160 calories total, 80 per serving
Two Tbsp. Butter: 160 calories total, 80 per serving
One Oz Cheddar: 115 calories, 58 per serving

The mushrooms, 2% milk (1 Tbsp. only) and Basil leaves added 15alories. Add gape juice (8 oz, 160 cal.), whole wheat toast (2 slices, 180 cal.) and Shedd’s Spread (1 Tbsp., 60 cal.). This made yesterday’s breakfast total 675 calories. Is this good? Should it be less?

I bought the book at Barnes&Noble, and am using the calorie counts in this diary and a couple of good calorie count web sites. All in all, this will be a reasonable test of my integrity!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

eggs are 60 calories aren't they? and a baked potato 90? and low fat cheese is pretty good i think. anyway what the heck do i know, i'm a fat old broad! ha ha ha good luck!

smiles, bee

Lynn said...

I figure when my clothes are getting tight that it's time to eat less. Oh wait, that would be now...sigh.

A friend at one of my schools uses a free online program that counts calories...I will try to remember to ask her the name of the web site.

I'm thinking your doctor would guide you as far as what you should weigh, and the number of calories you should be eating per day...just a thought.

Ralph said...

Bee, I am rounding up on the calories so I try to keep an honest count. I suppose 100 calories either way won't make much of a difference over time (I hope).

Lynn, because I can't stand, I can't use a regular scale. And if I was held up by two strong people, they might not allow for an accurate weight (if all my weight wasn't on the scale). A nice floor scale would be nice.

Linda said...

Best of luck to you, at least you're trying and that's more than I can say for myself right at the moment! I was doing pretty good until my birthday and then I feel off the bandwagon. Gotta get back on soon!

Odat said...

I usually eat a lot more fruit and vegetables when I'm on a diet..
Good luck!

sari said...

When my sons tell me how much they weigh, I have to ask: "Is that holding the dog or not holding the dog?"

For some reason, they love to weigh themselves holding and not holding the dog.