Saturday, September 15, 2007

Phil and Marty (redux)

Some may have seen this image early in my blogging career. Some may have not (you may consider that a blessing). At any rate, the notation on the back of the photo says Phil 3 and Marty 2 - what are they scoring? I have no clue as to the identity of these erstwhile gentlemen, where the picture came from, or anything else about them. The quite intriguing thing here, of course, is the outfits. Really. The vaudeville hats, the two-tone Buster Brown shoes, the four button jackets. I'm guessing the late forties, but have no obvious point of reference. Just an odd and unique view of two individuals who may have been or who might be now:
  1. Investment bankers
  2. Aging hippies
  3. Grandparents of many
  4. Unabombers
  5. CIA operatives
Eh, who knows. I have to believe that their grandparents are the perpetrators of the desired and dreaded 'stylish' look. Oh, two and three-year-olds don't really care about about what they are wearing for the offending photo shoot. Providing of course that the following don't have said photo be shown in their teenage years to the following:

  1. buddies
  2. bullies
  3. prospective girlfriends
  4. military recruiters

But to show that I am not making light of these siblings, I voluntarily offer my dress Far be it from me to offer sartorial tips to Phil and Marty when you catch me in my 1961 (I think) Easter 'suit' they purchased at Alexanders or wherever in the Borough of Queens. I don't know if doinky quite sums me up here, but hey - my knees are no more knobbier than those of either Phil or Marty...


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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

personally i think all these kids are adorable...

smiles, bee

AndreAnna said...

Ohmigosh, I NEED one of those hats!!!

Ralph said...

AA - which one? P&M's straw hats or my 6-year-old chauffeur's hat?

Linda said...

I think everyone looks adorable, at least kids knew how to dress up then - knobby knees and all!

Lynn said...

If the clothes were bought at were certainly in style with everyone else at the time. I think you look kinda cute;~)...knobby knees and all.

the moose buyer said...

oh my gosh, those outfits are so 1950's but everyone is so absolutely adorable.

Odat said...

How cute you all were!! lol.