Friday, September 21, 2007

Purses, etc.

The picture on the right, modeled by the lovely Patti, could possibly be described as one of the following:
  1. A pocketbook
  2. A purse
  3. A yarn bag
  4. A support device for my right leg for driving my E-150 van.

I describe it as number 4 on the above list. But others in this domicile, notably the aforementioned strawberry blonde, Patti. She thinks that it is a man's handbag, really. When I brought it home, she took just one look (like the song), and I thought she was going to fall on the ground she was laughing so hard. She thought it looked like a man's purse

I guess that on the face of it, she has a point. Witness the close-up on the left. First is the material. I do not know what the old-fashioned material is: Is it a brocade? Is it damask? Let's just settle on this being a material that would not look out of place on your grandmother's sofa (or divan, as my Grandma V. had). I'll set-up the problem that necessitated the purchase of this handbag purse yarn bag. When I am in the driver’s seat, my legs flop outward and are splayed. My left leg is held in a comfortable position by the door, but I need to support my right leg or it is terribly uncomfortable. I filled the bag with foam and batting, and use it to support my leg against the console.

I went to A.C. Moore, the big box craft retailer, and I like the store, even if I'm not into scrapbooking. We purchased a pine pie cabinet there, Kid2 painted it an antique blue, and it looks good. Anyway, I really went in for a pillow and couldn't find one that would work, but in the yarn department, I saw this. I thought it was perfect, and brought it home to stuff. I have told Patti that this bag will never leave the van, except for this picture shoot. I do think that the bag might look a bit incriminating to the uninitiated (who couldn't understand the workings of Ralph's logic anyway...Neanderthals!)

I did buy something that FedEx dropped off earlier this week. It is a saddlebag for my wheelchair. I got this thing to carry the stuff I need (sound familiar?). This thing most closely replicates a genuine yarn bag handbag. Now I understand the relationship between Patti and her handbag, because I do the same thing when rifling through the bag: “Where’s my phone”, “Where’s my (insert expletive here) keys”, etc. Man purse, indeed!


Odat said...

Hey whatever works!!! (hehe)

Patti said...

It's a man purse and it scares me that you use it.

sari said...

My only thought is that it does look kind of like a purse (I'm not judging, I'm not judging, haha) but I would cover it up when you leave your van so someone doesn't try to break in and steal it, thinking it had something valuable in it.

PS You gotta do what you gotta do, Ralph. Don't let Patti wear you down! I'm a purse girl, not a shoe girl - you could do worse than that.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well first of all i think it looks like a tapestry and i have some hanging on my wall framed, the fabric i mean, and second i say more power to you whatever works! when i ride a long time my right knee hurts so i was thinking of borrowing this, do you mind? ha ha

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Technically I believe it's called a "murse" which is the metrosexual term for a man's purse. However, most murses are not made of such lovely material but more like leather, suede, and other more "manly" fabrics!

However, I say you just do what you gotta do to make sure you're comfortable. As long as you don't start hooking the thing on to your wheelchair and start digging through it for breath mints, tissues, and your mascara all should be good!

Lynn said...

They say that mother is the necessity of invention...and clearly you are borrowing a grandmother's purse for a very real necessity. I bet that you are not the only person with this dilemma...maybe it's time to make a few of these,(try different fabrics) and try to market them to others. Just a thought