Friday, October 26, 2007

A sweet treat

I am honored to be the recipient of this One Sweet Treat to Read award. I am doubly honored to receive this award form that Tired Mama and former Bayside Belle Lynn. I am happy to be read, and more importantly, by the great writers I have met in the blogosphere.

The basis of this sweet award is the multi talented and artistic mom Trista who resides in the Pumpkin Patch. A bigger treat to myself is finding and reading so many other great new blogs.

I shall note the following rules:
"1. When awarded the Sweet Treat Award, make a post and award it to bloggers who you deem "One Sweet Treat to Read" everyday.
2. Make sure you inform those who you awarded that they have won!
3. Grab the button and proudly display it in your sidebar for all your old/new readers to see!"

I have to forward this award to everybody who I do enjoy reading, and they reside in places like Chicago, So Cal, Syracuse, CT, NJ, Idaho and elsewhere (can you guess?). I salute all the great writers I read regularly. Bravo!


AndreAnna said...

Aww, that's so damn cute!

Joan said...

Congrats...definitely a well deserved award!!!

Lynn said...

When you 'noted the following rules' you so sounded like a teacher! Congrats on your well deserved award!

Odat said...

congrats! well deserved....