Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have been working the Social Security (SSA) issues, and have just about wrapped it up regarding documentation, compiling the data in appropriate Excel spreadsheets, my blistering letter to accompany the data, etc. I will have my complete writeup ETA at the local SSA office by Friday morning. Yay! However, while I was looking through my records for more zingers to apply against SSA, I found this gem. It is the score card for our family foray to miniature golf on the Cape one summer. I love this place because it old and in great shape, and I am able to get on the 'greens' and am able to play a round while in the wheelchair. In order on the card is Kid1, Kid2, myself and Patti. Did you notice my hole-in-one on the scorecard? Of course, Kid1 had two of these, but hey, who's paying attention to her game???

Patti looks like she lining up for her putt. I think that you are supposed to line up your toes in line with the hole? I shouldn't be giving golf tips because my toes and wheels aren't lined up with the hole either. I don't know what constitutes the ultimate miniature golf game...Does the one in the foursome with the biggest score win the match?


Lynn said...

If it makes you happy for the highest score to win, then yes Ralph...the highest score wins:~)

Joan said...

Oh yes...he (or she) with the highest score wins...just like in real golf...or at least the way Rick and I play it! Yep...I "win" all the time. :~)

Linda said...

You mean to tell me that it isn't like bowling where the highest score is the winner? The lowest score wins? What a silly concept! No wonder I never won out on the links but I always had a good time and it looks like you did, too. Don't you just love finding old memories like that one? Thanks for sharing!

Odat said...

Good game...! LOL.