Friday, November 16, 2007

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Ralph...

I took this from Patti. It is The Book Cover Meme and it is a fun one. These are the simple rules:
  • Go to the Advanced book search on Amazon
  • Type your first name into the Title field
  • Post the most interesting/amusing cover that shows up

I had not anticipated my namesake to be in any book’s title, but was surprised. Here is a choice that has my name in its title, but does not necessarily describe me accurately, or at least not perfectly. Here it goes:

Rotten Ralph

In this 1980 tale, Ralph is described as "a very bad kitty, as is generally what cats thrive on being. He is often rude, knocks things over, disrupts social occasions, makes sport of preying on pet birds, fish or rodents, and purposely exacerbates the one annoying, albeit universally inherent, trait in dogs: obnoxiousness...Ralph's consequential homeless journey thus necessitates him a good look inwardly, seeking the key to whatever could possibly save him from being lost forever to his comfortable home and family..."

What can I say? I am obviously not a cat, and I am not rotten nor rude (right Miss Patti?). I do not disrupt social occasions, and I never prey on unsuspecting rodents. and I love cats. 'Rotten' can be an apt description for many a cat, but when they provide extra warmth in the winter and purr contentedly when you provide a quality belly skritch, well...


Linda said...

I believe that Miss Patti has tagged me with this meme also but I haven't had a chance to do it yet but I shall.

Poor Rotten Ralph - I sure hope the story had a happy ending and I'd have to say that it doesn't sound like you at all! At least not by what I can tell from your blog!

Linda said...

Oops - my bad! Pattie tagged me for the Five Things Meme but I might have to do this one, too!

Geez, this getting old and not remembering things stuff really stinks sometimes!

Lynn said...

I think that if this is the book title that you could find then there is something "rotten" in Denmark. After Patti's description of your willingness to help other people by providing them with information...I'm thinking "Angelic Ralph" would have been a more appropriate title.

Joan said...

You? Rotten? Never!!!