Saturday, December 8, 2007

The egel has landed

From Queen Mimi, the lovely purveyor of the castle at Bloggingham, I received the Egel's Nest Award. The original source for this award noted that this is given for blog eggsellence. To Mimi, I appreciate your recognition. Moreover, if I may, Mimi, you will look positively elegant in that purple gown…it is definitely not a pencil dress!

Yet, Mimi noted that she was passing this on to me as a “…wonderful peace blogger”. Peace, of course, is the ideal, the dream, the ultimate. But how do you define the word ‘peace’? The first Merriam-Webster definition of the word Peace is: ‘A state of tranquility or quiet’. I like this one in particular. Why is that? For myself, I am at peace, as I live my life: I am married to the wonderful Patti, and have wonderful Kid1 and Kid2 in my life. Because of this, and no matter what travail awaits me, using that definition of ‘tranquility or quiet’, I am indeed at peace.

The Queen mentioned that award recipients should pass them on to others if they so desire. I do not want to tag anyone per se, but I would like to mention three bloggers that I enjoy reading. Of these, I have to mention Ina, the Moose Buyer. She is going through such tough times with the recent death of her brother.Along with Ina, I mention her cousins, Joan and the Lynn. As a close family, all three are coping with this terrible family tragedy. They support each other because of their affection and love for each other. I hope and pray that they will the find peace in these tough times. This is not a tag, but is our hope for peace and the best for you three. Always.

To Mimi, again, this award is nice to receive and I am very grateful. We all want the peace that seems to elude us all. Thanks Mimi!


Linda said...

Is this "Egel" a new kind of bird?!

Congrats on the award, misspelled or not, it's well deserved as are the bloggers you passed it on to.

Lynn said...

You definitely deserve this award. Thank you so much for your kind words:~)

Odat said...

Well deserved!!!!! Congrats!

Joan said...

Your award is most definitely well deserved so congratulations! And thank you so much for your kind words. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful blogging friends.