Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gridiron Greats?

Today has been an interesting day in a number of different ways. First, Patti and Kid1 went to a baby shower today in Vernon for my niece Amy and her firstborn. I remember when she was born in 1980, and I remember her as an infant and as she grew. I will tell you that she is a great person and she will make a terrific mom. It is nice to report on the great things that happen to those wonderful I know. Great tidings, Amy!

Kid2 was playing in the band for the CIAC (CT Interscholastic Athletic Conference) football playoffs, Class ‘S’ Ansonia HS Chargers vs. New London HS Whalers. As noted previously, Kid2 is a geek, not an athlete. Yet, the football team is so into having the band at the games. You should know that after a fire in 1978 that destroyed the band’s equipment, the band did not exist from that point until 1999, when the HS hired their new musical director Miss. T. She has been instrumental (bad pun?) in reviving the band to its current glory. It is a small band, but we are very happy to have Miss T. running things. She is not a drill instructor, but is results oriented, but yet so motivating in allowing each member to shine. Our two kids have rated the band/music class their favorite in AHS. Yay to Miss T! And why not a yay for the AHS Chargers with their Class S win over the Whalers, 35-0? Why not enjoy a bit of civic pride in this?

We are happy that Kid2 was involved with the championship. We are so proud of him, and Kid1 when she was in the AHS band also. Champions are not just on the field, but playing music in the stands as well. Of course in the interest of full disclosure, I suspect that we may have an obvious bias here :>)

Patti’s mom bought us a ‘thank you’ after the fire of some Omaha Steaks, which we had for dinner tonight (they arrived yesterday via UPS). Kid2 and myself (of course it is a ‘guy’ thing to burn meat in a controlled manner). We coated the two fillets and two strip steaks with a garlic-peppercorn coating, and broiled away. These were delicious, and it was a nice meal, Patti, Marion, Kid2 and myself. We thank Marion for this nice treat. Not just for the food, but we really enjoyed the camaraderie, the conversation, the togetherness of this meal.

Steaks this nice will be great over charcoal next summer...

We may have freezing rain tomorrow might, but of course it is December in the northeast. It has been a good day, so who cares about the weather tomorrow night???


AndreAnna said...

Your pride and love for your kids comes through in every post! You seem like such a great dad!

And being born in 1980 ain't so bad! ;)

Linda said...

I hope that Kid2 was dressed warmly at the game today as that was one cold wind that was blowing through Connecticut!

Don't tell anyone else this but the only reason I would ever go to a football game is for the half-time show! I love a marching band and only wish that Amanda had joined the one here at NFA but she prefers to stick with concert band instead. That's not to say that I'm not just as proud of her when I'm sitting in the auditorium listening to her play because I am - very much so!

The steaks sound wonderful but the spirit in which they were eaten sounds even better!

Stay warm tomorrow and if you don't have to go anywhere, tomorrow night sounds like a good time to stay home! Unfortunately I have to work but 'tis the nature of the beast it seems!

Lynn said...

What an absolutely wonderful day you all had. It's amazing watching someone you saw as a child become a parent. Congratulations to Amy.

Yeah Kid 2. Dare I say he "rocks"?

As for the steaks and family camaradie, there is nothing like family to make a day even more wonderful.

Mimi Lenox said...

Lovely post as usual, Ralph.

You have an award waiting at my place.
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