Thursday, January 3, 2008

Birthday belles redux

The latest holidays in this house this week were celebrated in style, sort of.

We celebrated my ladies' birthday with a cake. The lovelies were treated to a fine layered g√Ęteau with strawberries on top. Mom and daughter look great, as always. I didn't query them as to what they were wishing for before they extinguished the candles. Hopefully they wished big!

New year's Eve was hardly celebrated in the traditional way. As I noted the other day, we made turkey and black bean chili nachos as pictured here. Turned out to be a filling meal. not just carbs, but plenty of fiber (bell pepper, onion, celery, black and kidney beans) and fat (cheese, sour cream). A Fred Astaire movie marathon on TCM was part of our December 31 routine. Even made it to 12:30, saw the ball drop on TV. It seemed far more impressive when I was small and watching the ball drop on a black and white TV (yipee it's 1965, 1966, 1967, etc).

I think the lack of excitement is what made it a fine evening.


Joan said... many candles were on that scrumptuous cake since two lovelies were celebrating???

And your New Year's Eve sounded perfectly wonderful. I'm beginning to think that quiet celebrations are always the best!

Patti said...

Lack of excitement???

Well, I suppose.

Linda said...

I think there's a lot to be said for a lack of excitement and just a nice time spent with family and friends doing things that are comfortable and comforting. Of course that's just me being a stay-at-home sort these days!

Lynn said...

Sounds to me like you had the perfect New Years Eve...with the added bonus of actually being awake as the new year came in.