Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two things are better than none

Received this meme from the ever lovely Patti, and am intrigued. I am happy to reveal a bit more about myself. It's called the Two Things Meme, and Quacks received this from tired mama Lynn. Steubenville figures into this somewhat (and Kid1, the place is real). Here goes:
Two names I go by: Daddums and Ralphie

Two things you are wearing right now: A ratty but oh-so-comfortable cotton sweater and a Pride 1103 Jazzy wheelchair

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship: love and intelligent conversations
Two of your favorite things to do: Cook and Travel

Two things you want badly now: A source of steady income as the unemployment ends and a better writing job for Patti

Two pets you have or have had: Dog when I was a kid named Boris and our late kitty Sir Humphrey

Two people you think hope will fill this out: Moosie and anyone else who wishes to reveal more of themselves
Two things you did last night: Made baked chicken and slept

Two things you ate today: Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal with strawberries and lightly salted dry-roasted peanuts
Two things you're doing tomorrow: Preparing for my interview with an air-freight company on Thursday and blogging
Two longest car rides: Each in a 24 hour period…East Hartford, CT to Plattsburgh, NY (only 60 miles from Montreal) to Steubenville, OH - 969 miles, and Steubenville to Cincinnati to Cleveland to Erie to Buffalo to Syracuse, NY - 820 miles.
Two favorite holidays: Christmas and Easter
Two favorite beverages: Wine (Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir) and Beer (German is nice)
Two people no longer alive who you'd like to talk to: Grandpa (Ralph I) and my sister Claudia


Joan said...

Ooooo...good luck with your interview on Thursday. I'm sure you'll impress the heck out of the interviewers. I would, however, change out of that ratty but comfortable sweater before you go. :~)

Linda said...

Those are some long car rides I must say! Then again I drove from the Wisconin Dells once straight through to New Jersey because I wanted to get home fast and took too much NoDoz to do it!

Good luck with the interview on Thursday and Joan is right about changing out of the sweater!

Patti said...

He has a new sweater to wear...

Lynn said...

The thing I remember about German beer is that there was alot of it... and it was warm. Dare I ask how your interview went on Thursday?