Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Affairs of the heart

As it is the Valentines holiday, I am happy to reminisce of this day in years yore. Perhaps I am somewhat, if not hopelessly romantic about le jour de Valentine. When a kid, it seems that I never received many of these valentine hearts, not unlike Charlie Brown who seemed to wish for one, especially from the red haired girl. As much as I enjoy Snoopy, he got a mailbox full of these heart shaped treasures instead. Not just, says I.

Be that as it may, I rather enjoy this holiday as a grown-up, or at least since 1985, when I was swept off my feet by the ever lovely Patti. Not my famous neuromuscular affliction, but rather it was/is love. That year, the very first of this holiday for us, we went to a long gone restaurant in Guilford called Westwinds. I knew the piano player, and the piano was next to the fireplace which was roaring. Patti requested from said piano man the Rodgers and Hart song My Funny Valentine. It is a great song - "You make my smile with my heart", "But don’t change a hair for me...Not if you care for me", etc. We like old romantic songs (my request was the always wonderful Satin Doll). But was it the warm fire, red wine and a piano? These were nice things, but the more important thing was we were becoming closer and closer. It was a great day, and all that followed were as well.

But one thing is different this favorite florist, Daisy Dock in Derby, had a fire last August and is no longer in business. They were the best in that I could speak over the phone and leave the petal arranging to them. I could surprise Patti with a fine arrangement, they did it so well. I realize that there are other florists, but I am sentimental for all the years they were my Valentine's flower source. Alas, no more.

Of course, the finances might preclude flowers this year anyhow, but I will work on a preparing a nice romantic meal for us and we can reminisce about the nice February 14'th days in the past while looking forward to more. It may be an artificial holiday to some, but not for me...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

there is just nothing as masculine as a romantic man!!! that's why i love sarge so much! you rock ralph!!!

smiles, bee

Lynn said...

You are going to cook dinner for Patti...what time should we be over? lol

Odat said...


sari said...

You and Patti are awfully sweet. :-)