Friday, February 29, 2008

Time...too much, that is

I must have too much time on my hands. Not just in the job search area, as that continues, but also in other somewhat quirkier things…like the newest members of the clan.The cats, of course.

I have more than enough time to see the visual differences between L & R and our late resident feline Sir Humphrey. L & R are furry…Sir H was fluffy. A subtle distinction for sure. (Or is that fur sure?). Bad pun, but animals have that kind of effect on me.

As I wrote in the epitaph for Humphrey, I like to experiment with song lyrics by substituting some of the real lyric with words that, well, add more of a cat component to those songs. Such as the Commodores Brick House:

He's a White Cat,
Mighty, Mighty

Just Letting it all Hang Out”

And not to forget that one-hit-wonder Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music:

“Play That Funky Music White Cat
Play That Funky Music Right
Play That Funky Music White Cat, etc”

Wow, I’d better get a job soon, lest I think up some more of these! Yep, too much time…Way too much


Lynn said...

Thanks for the laugh:~) Your post was so very

Odat said...

Hey I loved both of them...I think you should write some more...and sell them!! There you go...that's the job for you!!!

Odat said...

ohhh write one for me, I mean my old cat, Jabba. He was a big orange and white cat...very strong...used to box with hub....
(or not) ...just asking.