Friday, March 28, 2008

Catching up

I haven't been around as much as I should. I hate to say that I'm moping around due to many things...the work thing just may be a contributing factor. However, nothing can serve as an alibi or excuse to not blog...

So, things aren't so much bleak as mysterious. I can't see the future, and that is just as well. The Social Security issues are finally turning into a positive (unable to explain right now, but it is). I am meeting with a state agency next week, and there can be some positive things happening from that...I think.

UofH women lost to Texas A&M at the NCAA. Boooooo! Kid1 had a nice trip with beautiful weather (73° F, maybe typical SoCal and AZ Spring temps, but quite nice to Kid1 after the usual northern winter). I followed Kid1's progress from B√Ęton Rouge the other day (Delta 9814) on Google Earth, and it was neat to watch. But it is still reassuring to see the term 'HAS LANDED'. Parental units are happier when the wheels are down on the runway.

She is one tired kid, and she will come home next weekend, and a feast will occur. Steak of course, she loves that. I have finally figured out how to make a proper cheese sauce for the steak house potatoes with sour cream, butter and 3 kinds of cheese. I should probably lose weight, but not at this meal!

Kid2 mentioned that he is probably going to a state University, and I expect that he will accept their offer next week. It will be very strange when both kids are not at home. We have done so much as a family, but you can't stop the from growing. I hope that we let them continue to grow and learn more and more without parental angst. We hope.

But when the kids are gone, we still have our recently adopted new 'kids', Linus and Rigby. Knuckleheads, actually. I gave a treat to R yesterday, and turned the faucet to a trickle and he spent better than an hour there on the sink. Am I a good daddy or what?


The Curmudgeon said...

Isn't it funny how, when the kids go to college, the bills come to you -- but you're not allowed to see the report cards because of "privacy" concerns?

Lynn said...

Kid 1 sounds like she is continuing to have a fabulous college experience. I wonder if the tuition for a state university is as reasonable on the east coast, as they are on the west. I still haven't figured out how to follow a flight on Google Earth... maybe one of these days.

As far as you being a good daddy to Linus and Rigby, of course you've already had tons of practice on Kid 1 and Kid 2.

Linda said...

Glad to hear that Kid1 made it home safely and you are so right about knowing that they are back on the ground safely!

And yes, you're a very good daddy! Ah, cats and sinks and running water!

Odat said...

Thanks for the, food and cats!!! Can't beat that!

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