Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heavy is as heavy does

I suppose that I, like Patti, am avoiding heavy stuff . The income thing does weigh a little bit on my mind, despite the efforts I make to keep my faith and know that the right opportunity is out there...the thing that will keep my mind working as well as well as providing a living.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a contact Patti has made in her journalistic endeavors. This is a non-profit that should do well as "...job placement services...individuals with disabilities...to secure competitive employment". That remains to be seen, but this may lead to new, really better opportunities. I hope, that is.

That said, as the lovely Patti has said, at least we have the cats to use as an opportunity to escape. I offer the petit tigre Linus, the king of the jungle, in his mind anyhow. What he hunts for in his personal potted jungle remains a mystery to me. Is he looking for trouble? Is he this decade's well hyped Rumble in the Jungle? As they say, stay tuned...


sari said...

The right thing is out there for you, you'll find it soon.

I do like your cats!

Lynn said...

Between you and my DH, I have my fingers, toes and anything else that I can cross...crossed! As you said in a previous post, it is important to focus on the positive..although I find that, that is far easier said than done. Know that I continue to send good thoughts your way:~)

Odat said...

Hoping that it goes well for you!

LOL at the hunting kitty!