Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let the game begin

Kid1 called yesterday from B√Ęton Rouge, the 'Red Stick' as the locals know it. Although tired, is having a great time. She already used up the (2) disposable cameras she bought, she will buy another for more memories. A welcome banner was placed on a railing at the Embassy Suites where they are staying. Nice touch

They went to a Cajun restaurant, but she didn't dine on such specialties as alligator and frog's legs like some others did. I suggested that she try some crawfish/crayfish (seems to be spelled either way), don't be put off by the colloquial term 'mud bug'. Sweeter than shrimp....Tipoff for the Hawks in about 10 minutes, ESPN2, so we can watch. Go Kid1 and go Hawks. In that order.

***UPDATE 4:51 PM***

Hartford Hawks defeat Syracuse Orange 59-55 !!!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Alligator...frog's legs...eewwwwww!
Sounds like Kid 1 gave another shining example of just how bright she is by bypassing both of those dishes:~)