Thursday, March 20, 2008

March niceness

This week has been quite interesting for Kid1. At this point in time, she is in Baton Rouge at LSU. She is in the basketball pep band for the University of Hartford, and March madness has crept into her life with the women's basketball team for the NCAA tournament (shameless plug: Go Hawks!!!). How sweet is that? Last week she was in Baltimore for the men's conference championship (they lost - Boo!). Although she wanted to relax and sleep during the spring break, this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

We always hoped that our children would be involved with good activities. Kid1 is not a party girl, instead she is involved with the college TV station, the yearbook as an editor and the pep band. Heck, the band will take a tour of New Orleans tomorrow. She will have a blast, no doubt.

Her parents were in the loop as she called twice from the plane (before takeoff) and upon arrival in LA. I requested and she to talk. I asked before and she found out the flight # of her charter (DAL9814). With this, what do you think airhead-55 did today? You knew it, he followed her progress on a flight tracker and Google Earth. I enjoy flying, but like most parents you get a bit antsy about the flight. Naturally. Her charter was on Delta (I flew them to Cincinnati a couple of years ago - excellent service with the wheelchair). It was fun for me, tedious for others, watching that little plane, DAL9814. An acquired taste, I'll agree...

Let's hope for the best for our team. ESPN2 on Saturday. Kid1 will miss Easter with us, but will be home for next weekend. Again, Go Hawks!

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Lynn said...

Sounds like Kid 1 really lives quite the exciting, dare I say "jet-setting" life! p.s. I didn't know that you could track airplane progress. That is cool!