Friday, April 25, 2008

B-day blogging

As we age, we could be fretful about things like, say birthdays. Not that I have angst about such things, since April 26th is my birthday. So it is I am the young age of 53.

You can look at the age thing in a variety of ways, such as: If it's your 53rd birthday, it is the end of your 53rd year...the beginning of your 54th (which makes me older, actually). And adding 1/2 year to my age was probably dispensed in my case after age ten. Why make yourself older than you are, right?

It is supposed to be so traumatic to age, especially every ten years starting with age 30, 40, 50, etc. But I have to be honest, the birthdays have been happier during and after the 'dreaded' 3-0. That day was the start of great birthdays as it was the first with the ever lovely Patti. Every birthday since then has been better than the one preceding…which was great.

The card here was received on my 30th from Patti (aka: Quacks). I’ve always liked this card, and it wears well with the cat motif. And it was a wonderful day.

I like to think that I wear my age well, looking younger than my years IMO. More importantly, I don’t feel old, indeed, I hope to continue to age gracefully.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Get a job - Part deux

Still looking for said job, and as you might expect, it becomes old. However, I can't stay down for long for as when it seems impossible, tantalizing tidbits come my way, and the
future looks a bit brighter. Last week:
  • There might be a possibility for freelance administrative work
  • Accountemps called about a possible assignment
  • My (state) job coach is checking on another possibility
Potential or not, at lease there are hints of some form of employ/income/etc. It can be a jungle out there --------->

I'll continue to take the approach of my animated buddy Wile Coyote and press on regardless. Even if things don't exactly conform to my original plans. Even if I don't catch
the RoadRunner for dinner tonight. That bird is probably to gamey to eat anyway...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Growing, growing, gone

Referencing Patti's recent post, Kid2 has chosen a college for the Fall. We are pleased that he will be attending the University of Hartford in the fall. Kid1 loves it there, and we are impressed with the school. Both kids will be near each other but have their own space. The financial offer was really good, so we are excited.

Excitement tempered with the fact that no child will be left behind (at home, anyway). It will be odd to not have at least one child at home 24/7 since 12/29/88. Note Kid2 on his very first day of school in 1995

He did travel abroad in 2003, when he was 12, to England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland with People-to-People. He was away on that tour for twenty days, and we parents handled that well, IMO, but were prone to some anxiety as you might expect. He had a great time.

(Showing off his stamped passport upon his return)

We are able to let go of Kid1 (in her sophomore year now) and have done okay but still miss her a bit. Patti actually drove up to the UofH and had lunch with her today. We will adjust to being kid-free around here. But happy for it should be.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visions in black and white

This guy is not rearranging the the deck chairs on the RMS Titanic. Or anything else, for that matter.

You wonder if sir Rigby, actually resting on the main deck, realizes what is happening on the screen below. Or cares. I think it is entirely appropriate that the Black & White cat is relaxing while
Titanic is about to Black & White?

Perhaps it's me, but how can he sleep while this boat has only about an hour of float left and lifeboats are available to "women and children" only? Does he even care??

From the looks of it, not really. I guess that with cats relaxing when the mood strikes is not really is an
art. Should I wake him up and spoil the plot line? Should I tell him the ending of the movie?

Friday, April 11, 2008

They grow fast

It seems that time flies, especially when you have seen your kids grow and realizing that this is the second to last HS band concert they will be in. And given the small size of the band, they sounded excellent, as always.

For Kid2, the list of remaining Senior things to occur will be occurring in short order: The prom in two weeks, band adjudication, senior dinner, Spring Pops concert, graduation, etc. I do remember the earliest days with them, going back to Kid1's arrival on 12/29/88. They grow, pretty fast. We see that college life agrees with Kid1, and know that it will for Kid2.

It is easy to remember when they were little and how thy have acquired much knowledge, confidence, poise, faith and a sense of values. Wistful we may be, but proud and very happy we remain as well.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Your taxes at work

When I was a kid (in the '60s), there always seemed to be signs along road construction sites touting something like "YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK". I suppose to those who work for government, they are happiest proclaiming that look at what we are giving back to you, leaving out the part that you might not be getting back 100% of your tax dollar.

Due to many things, I'm reapplying for Social Security disability benefits. I hadn't wanted to do that, but consideration must be paid to do whatever is necessary. It's not receiving the benefits
per se, but that you have to view your own life's challenges objectively. And I have.

As some readers do know, that I have had um...issues...with that agency. But all options have to be considered. Life is good, and another fight may ensue with the govt. But sparring and ending up the victor is almost...exhilarating. My tax dollars at work

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flyin' blind

Since I was tracking the air progress of Kid1 to/from Louisiana recently, I was thinking as my blog moniker might suggest. I don't fly often, and would hate to have to do so for a living. But I do enjoy the feeling of being in a heavier-than-air machine while actually moving through the air. The shots herein were taken a number of years ago on a trip home from Florida. More specifically, on a Delta Airlines 727 between Atlanta and Philadelphia in January, 1981.

What I really like about the first one is watching the sun rise on a clear winter morning. Note the can see clearly the curvature of the earth in a gentle arc. It proves the round earth theory...I think.

In the next, the burst of the rising sun really stands out. And the effect was not by design. It wasn't the camera, as it was only a 50MM Canon, but it must have seemed like it would be a good memory. Be it either film or digital, if you think that it's a great shot, take it.

In the third, I like the sun peeking through in the corner of the window. Again, an unplanned picture, but still unique. Notice that the window is dirty, but it wasn't
my nose that was pressed against the window...