Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flyin' blind

Since I was tracking the air progress of Kid1 to/from Louisiana recently, I was thinking as my blog moniker might suggest. I don't fly often, and would hate to have to do so for a living. But I do enjoy the feeling of being in a heavier-than-air machine while actually moving through the air. The shots herein were taken a number of years ago on a trip home from Florida. More specifically, on a Delta Airlines 727 between Atlanta and Philadelphia in January, 1981.

What I really like about the first one is watching the sun rise on a clear winter morning. Note the horizon...you can see clearly the curvature of the earth in a gentle arc. It proves the round earth theory...I think.

In the next, the burst of the rising sun really stands out. And the effect was not by design. It wasn't the camera, as it was only a 50MM Canon, but it must have seemed like it would be a good memory. Be it either film or digital, if you think that it's a great shot, take it.

In the third, I like the sun peeking through in the corner of the window. Again, an unplanned picture, but still unique. Notice that the window is dirty, but it wasn't
my nose that was pressed against the window...


Odat said...

Great shots!!! I love looking out of the window of a plane...such majesty!

Linda said...

I don't fly very often myself but when I do I am always amazed at how very different the world looks from the window of an airplane. It's almost like there's something magical about it.

I think these shots are great and I think it's even better that you can remember what kind of plane it was and what fight it was! I can't remember much of anything from 1981 it seems except that was the year my son was born and I got out of the Air Force!

Bond said...

cool..thanks for coming by The Couch today.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Hey, thanks for popping by my blog, Ralph. These shots are nice with the sun peeping in. Very nice!!