Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Growing, growing, gone

Referencing Patti's recent post, Kid2 has chosen a college for the Fall. We are pleased that he will be attending the University of Hartford in the fall. Kid1 loves it there, and we are impressed with the school. Both kids will be near each other but have their own space. The financial offer was really good, so we are excited.

Excitement tempered with the fact that no child will be left behind (at home, anyway). It will be odd to not have at least one child at home 24/7 since 12/29/88. Note Kid2 on his very first day of school in 1995

He did travel abroad in 2003, when he was 12, to England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland with People-to-People. He was away on that tour for twenty days, and we parents handled that well, IMO, but were prone to some anxiety as you might expect. He had a great time.

(Showing off his stamped passport upon his return)

We are able to let go of Kid1 (in her sophomore year now) and have done okay but still miss her a bit. Patti actually drove up to the UofH and had lunch with her today. We will adjust to being kid-free around here. But happy for it should be.


Lynn said...

Congratulations to Kid Two for not only getting accepted...but for being able to make a decision about which college he wants to attend. It will be nice that they will have each other...Don't you and Patti need to take some classes up there as well? lol

Patti said...

I'd love to take a class, someday when we are in a better financial situation!

Thanks for thinking of us, Lynn :-D

Odat said...

Awww....what cute pics....but it's time to let them fly......

Linda said...

It's both exciting and nerve-wracking, isn't it? Still, I somehow think that you and Patti will find that time to yourselves is a wonderful thing.