Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visions in black and white

This guy is not rearranging the the deck chairs on the RMS Titanic. Or anything else, for that matter.

You wonder if sir Rigby, actually resting on the main deck, realizes what is happening on the screen below. Or cares. I think it is entirely appropriate that the Black & White cat is relaxing while
Titanic is about to Black & White?

Perhaps it's me, but how can he sleep while this boat has only about an hour of float left and lifeboats are available to "women and children" only? Does he even care??

From the looks of it, not really. I guess that with cats relaxing when the mood strikes is not really is an
art. Should I wake him up and spoil the plot line? Should I tell him the ending of the movie?


Linda said...

He looks quite pleased with himself to me! I say let him relax as the ship is going to go down with out without him on board!

Lynn said...

Maybe Rigby is closing his eyes because the view of the water is making him seasick. He's probably relaxed because he's heard the old adage..."Women, children, and kitties first".

sari said...

I'm sure he's nice and warm, leave him be. :-)

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

It's amazing he is actually able to stay "afloat", my cat would have fallen off long ago. It makes for quite a comical scene while he sleeps and he insists on doing this over and over. He will not learn.

You were inquiring about the continental divide. I am in the Great divide. Running close along the Alberta Border in Canada. Our high point here in British Columbia is 1,120 metres which is considerable and makes for long winters and short summers... I hope that helps a bit.

Enjoy the quiet time now the kids are gone... hopefully it won't be too lonely for you both. I am sure the cats will be a handful!

Odat said...

Maybe he'll wake up when he feels the iceberg hit!! ;-)