Friday, May 30, 2008

Sentry duty

I don't know what these cats do to make them sooooo sleepy. Except our Rigby is shirking his assigned duties as a member of our household.

I was under the impression that our cats were watchcats. That they were to patrol our territory and be the protectors, the defenders, the armed force for our security. They do have stealth and near lethal claws, and no enemy shall pass through the portal.

Except it appears that our stout sentry is asleep at his post. Dereliction of Duty!

What is the sentence of this courts-martial ? Firing squad at sunrise???

Nah. The JAG judge instead sentences Rigby to 17 years house arrest, reduction in rank to Private E-1 and forfeture of pay.

That'll learn him! Except he couldn't even stay awake to actually hear his sentence. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love a parade

The Memorial Day parade on Sunday (in Ansonia) is always memorable, this year no exception. We occupy a city of 18,500, so it is not a large parade. But typical of such in any city or town, the place to be on a glorious 73 °F day. It goes without saying that parades like this can only occur in a free nation, whose freedoms are ensured only by those who fight for them. And too often die for those. Too easy to forget...remember those who fight for our protections and freedom. And not just on the last Monday in May and November 11th.

To the parade. I have to admit that I occupy a unique place in such events. As
a grown-up (some may dispute that) my eyes have seen the glory of the parade at 4ft 6in. So elements of the parade that are impressive to a kid are equally impressive to me. What you see is what I see. Big! Grande! Grosse!

Not to for
get the music. The AHS band marched and played along with the CT Hurr
icanes, a premier marching band in the state. They played Respect and the theme from The Magnificent Seven. (I'm old enough to remember when the Magnificent Seven theme was the basis for the TV ads for Marlboro smokes in the 60's). Kid2 is the trumpet player on the far left in blue. And the AHS band director Miss T, a most motivating teacher, invited some AHS alumni to march in the parade (sans the official uniform), and they happily marched along. Yay for the music!

<---- I'm not
small, only vertically challenged!

The house band ----->

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Not in the way you think!

I was at the oil change place today, and the person who did the change told me I needed to replace the front tires, they were in bad shape.

I never look beyond the tread that I can see easily, and I figured I had at least 20K more miles of tire life. I was wrong...on the inside the tread and most of the rubber was gone, only the steel belts were showing.

And to think I drove all the way to West Hartford to pickup Kid1 at UH. On the highway. Practically on the steel belt alone.

I know we're broke a bit, but my peace of mind is feeling better after two tires and an alignment set me back $297. Yes, peace of mind is worth $297. Every penny...

Monday, May 19, 2008

The payoff?

Last week was a good week in several ways. The most prominent thing regards a probability of being an (independent) contractor for a variety of information related projects for a local business. Patti knows this person from stories written for the Register, and as such, Patti is an excellent reference for me.

Y'all knew that, of course!

It was presented to me as being either an employee or as a contractor. I chose the latter, as I have worked for lots of employers...can such a choice be the impetus for a better career? It remains to be seen, but I think I may enjoy working for myself...first.

Don't want to get ahead of myself, so I wait for the agreement to be provided to me and I will perform the required due diligence prior to signing, of course.

Most of all, I am feeling a tad more confident this week. Possibilities abound always, but I feel that what was
possible will become probable.

I expect to be laboring well before Labor Day...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

After the honeymoon

The actual honeymoon had to come to an end. After ten excellent days in the Bahamas and Florida in 1986 we did find our way home. You could tell that the vacation was over when we arrived at La Guardia...The staff at the baggage claim had a bit of Queens 'tude, at least that day. Wonder why some New Yorkers refer to that airport as La Garbage?

But the flight north to LGA was nice on Eastern Airlines (remember them?) , and the L1011 'widebody' (not mine) was a great plane, big, quiet and this airhead had a window on the port side. And as always, I was looking for pictures. And I like this one. It was sunset over Virginia, I'd guess. The sun peering over the heavily laden storm clouds far to the west ensured a smooth ride.

A great experience.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joyeux anniversaire

To paraphrase a famous president, the radio address might sound like this:

"Yesterday, May tenth, nineteen eighty-six, a day that will live in..."

The twenty-second anniversary of that wonderful day, the day we wed. The beginning of every May tenth being better than the previous May tenth.

And every one of these twenty-two exceptional.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ralphie, ralphie, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

With someone else running the show, that's how.

A friend of mine since 1970 visited to set up this year's version of the garden. And the weather cooperated with lots of sun and low 70's temps. With the help of my friend this will be the best yet, we will have twenty-four pots with tomatoes (Sweet 100s, Beefsteak and
Roma); Peppers (JalapeƱo, Cubinelle, and Bell); and Herbs (Basil, Oregano, Rosemary).

Pictures of the pots don't really tell the story, since the veggies are but seedlings right now.. We are learning about the subtle art of growing vegetables, and the benefits of using dechlorinated water, peat moss and lime. I await the sweet, fresh tomatoes, by July, I am told

And our kitties have not been forgotten. A pot of the 'purrennial' plant Nepeta Cataria (aka: Catnip) is potted for their pleasure. Actually, it is for our pleasure as frisky felines Linus and Rigby act quite nutty upon a 'nip of 'nip. And it is not a controlled substance ----->

The best summer salad is the one with fresh Roma tomatoes, sliced thin with Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil with oil and vinegar. Or lightly dressed with just salt and pepper. Fresh vegetables from our garden just taste better.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's in a tux - part two

It's actually Kid2 who's in a tux. The big prom was last night, and he got home at 4:30 this morn after the school sponsored post-prom event. As of this writing, he is still asleep. He will be awakened shortly so we can return the tux. It may have been your prom but it is my $20 deposit...

He looked very nice in his black outfit. It isn't the first tux for him, when he was 10 he was in my niece's wedding. But being tall, the formal wear fits him very well. I didn't speak with his date, but he says she is very nice. And they made an attractive couple.

I didn't attend my prom in 1973, yet I'm not trying to relive distant disappointments through our son. We are happy to see him dress up and enjoy these events.

And it has to be great being chauffeured in a white, double-stretch Lincoln...not a pumpkin pulled by field mice. All the riders in this limo look positively thrilled to be going to the event. Even our Kid2, while not smiling broadly is beaming inside. Well done Kid2!

And thanks and kudos's to the parents and staff who volunteered to set up and oversee the wonderful (and
very safe) post-prom party at the school that ran until the wee hour of 4:00

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's in a tux - part one

To paraphrase Juliet:

"What's in a name? That which we call a
By any other name would look as sweet."

Not exactly in the Bard's prose, I'll admit. However, Kid2 is attending his Senior Prom tomorrow, and we picked up the tux this afternoon. The style is the traditional black jacket, pants, vest and bow tie. The classic formal wear that will never go out of style. Pics to follow tomorrow.

At her prom two years ago, Kid1 looked wonderful. And notice her beau, and how good he looks dressed in
black ------>

But you had to
live the 70's to fully understand the formal wear worn by guys in that decade. I attended a prom in that decade, but can't find the picture - but I do remember wearing a tux and tangerine ruffled shirt. I'll post same whenever I find it. Yuck.

<---------------- This is chic in the year 1970. This is my sister and her ex in the day. Nice with the black piping on the jacket, the magenta ruffled shirt, fat bow tie and 1970 'mod' hair. Michele looks nice, and the dress and shirt match.

This is a fraternity brother at a party in 1976 ------>
Tangerine jacket and black cummerbund. And fat tie. You had to be there to appreciate that style. The term
'far out' was spoken then (I'm dating myself here)

Kid2 looks great in basic black. I know that wild vests are standard fare these days, but classics should remain