Monday, May 19, 2008

The payoff?

Last week was a good week in several ways. The most prominent thing regards a probability of being an (independent) contractor for a variety of information related projects for a local business. Patti knows this person from stories written for the Register, and as such, Patti is an excellent reference for me.

Y'all knew that, of course!

It was presented to me as being either an employee or as a contractor. I chose the latter, as I have worked for lots of employers...can such a choice be the impetus for a better career? It remains to be seen, but I think I may enjoy working for myself...first.

Don't want to get ahead of myself, so I wait for the agreement to be provided to me and I will perform the required due diligence prior to signing, of course.

Most of all, I am feeling a tad more confident this week. Possibilities abound always, but I feel that what was
possible will become probable.

I expect to be laboring well before Labor Day...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful news!

smiles, bee

Odat said...

Go git em!!! May all you "probables" come true! ;-)


Linda said...

Excellent that prospects abound on the horizon! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and can't wait to hear more good news!

sari said...

that's terrific!!!

Joan said...

I just heard the great news! Definite congrats are in order!

Lynn said...

Good for you:~) This is such good news!