Monday, May 5, 2008

Ralphie, ralphie, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

With someone else running the show, that's how.

A friend of mine since 1970 visited to set up this year's version of the garden. And the weather cooperated with lots of sun and low 70's temps. With the help of my friend this will be the best yet, we will have twenty-four pots with tomatoes (Sweet 100s, Beefsteak and
Roma); Peppers (JalapeƱo, Cubinelle, and Bell); and Herbs (Basil, Oregano, Rosemary).

Pictures of the pots don't really tell the story, since the veggies are but seedlings right now.. We are learning about the subtle art of growing vegetables, and the benefits of using dechlorinated water, peat moss and lime. I await the sweet, fresh tomatoes, by July, I am told

And our kitties have not been forgotten. A pot of the 'purrennial' plant Nepeta Cataria (aka: Catnip) is potted for their pleasure. Actually, it is for our pleasure as frisky felines Linus and Rigby act quite nutty upon a 'nip of 'nip. And it is not a controlled substance ----->

The best summer salad is the one with fresh Roma tomatoes, sliced thin with Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil with oil and vinegar. Or lightly dressed with just salt and pepper. Fresh vegetables from our garden just taste better.


Odat said...

Nice!!! My hub used to grow veggies in containers...I wish I could find that pic...I used to loved eating that first tomato!

Linda said...

Yay! I know where I'm going to get some fresh tomatoes this summer! I figure with that many plants, you're going to have plenty to share and I'd hate to see them go to waste!

Michael C said...

That is going to be a VERY good salad Ralph!!

Lynn said...

A friend gave us a tomato plant last year...and we had some yummy tomatoes. So far this year, we have two tomatoes growing. After eating home grown tomatoes, it is hard to eat the store bought ones.

Patti said...

I can't wait for them!

Mimi Lenox said...

Love fresh tomatoes!

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