Friday, May 30, 2008

Sentry duty

I don't know what these cats do to make them sooooo sleepy. Except our Rigby is shirking his assigned duties as a member of our household.

I was under the impression that our cats were watchcats. That they were to patrol our territory and be the protectors, the defenders, the armed force for our security. They do have stealth and near lethal claws, and no enemy shall pass through the portal.

Except it appears that our stout sentry is asleep at his post. Dereliction of Duty!

What is the sentence of this courts-martial ? Firing squad at sunrise???

Nah. The JAG judge instead sentences Rigby to 17 years house arrest, reduction in rank to Private E-1 and forfeture of pay.

That'll learn him! Except he couldn't even stay awake to actually hear his sentence. Sigh.


Patti said...

I can't wait for my next two-cat cat nap.

I don't think it will be today though. :-(

Odat said...

ha. The joke's on you! ;-)
(So, what were you paying them??? )

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Funny ... very funny. You had me giggling on this one, Ralph. I think the only thing my cat every watches very well is the inside of his eyelids. I really wanna be a cat in my next life!

As far as your question regarding using which gear in 4 wheel drive to get up in the mountains... we will be using the 4 wheel High for the steep hills for steady climbs. We will never use any area of mountain that has not been trailed or bushwhacked already, we will respect the wilderness and wildlife. We had the Jeep lifted an extra 3" and bigger tires put on at 33" X 12"W mud terrain for better traction to get us in the bush.
Gets us in some prime fishing locations.
Have a good weekend, you two!