Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's in a tux - part one

To paraphrase Juliet:

"What's in a name? That which we call a
By any other name would look as sweet."

Not exactly in the Bard's prose, I'll admit. However, Kid2 is attending his Senior Prom tomorrow, and we picked up the tux this afternoon. The style is the traditional black jacket, pants, vest and bow tie. The classic formal wear that will never go out of style. Pics to follow tomorrow.

At her prom two years ago, Kid1 looked wonderful. And notice her beau, and how good he looks dressed in
black ------>

But you had to
live the 70's to fully understand the formal wear worn by guys in that decade. I attended a prom in that decade, but can't find the picture - but I do remember wearing a tux and tangerine ruffled shirt. I'll post same whenever I find it. Yuck.

<---------------- This is chic in the year 1970. This is my sister and her ex in the day. Nice with the black piping on the jacket, the magenta ruffled shirt, fat bow tie and 1970 'mod' hair. Michele looks nice, and the dress and shirt match.

This is a fraternity brother at a party in 1976 ------>
Tangerine jacket and black cummerbund. And fat tie. You had to be there to appreciate that style. The term
'far out' was spoken then (I'm dating myself here)

Kid2 looks great in basic black. I know that wild vests are standard fare these days, but classics should remain


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sarge had a baby blue one in the 70's and i thought he looked right cute!!

smiles, bee

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Well, I never did attend my prom because of all the hospitalization I had at the time for my seizures and I regret it to this day but it's always neat to see how much the formal wear has evolved over time. I just know that there's a huge hype going on in stores with the girls picking the "perfect" dress for the occasion!
I'm looking forward to seeing photos of Kid2... it'll be beautiful, I am sure.

sari said...

I think we should all work together to bring "far out" back into the lexicon, don't you?

Odat said... the older pictures...does bring back memories....Kid 1 tho looks great with that dress!

(I didn't go to my prom....I was a hippie! and didn't want to go along with the "norm", nor get dressed up.....can you believe that??? lol.)