Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's in a tux - part two

It's actually Kid2 who's in a tux. The big prom was last night, and he got home at 4:30 this morn after the school sponsored post-prom event. As of this writing, he is still asleep. He will be awakened shortly so we can return the tux. It may have been your prom but it is my $20 deposit...

He looked very nice in his black outfit. It isn't the first tux for him, when he was 10 he was in my niece's wedding. But being tall, the formal wear fits him very well. I didn't speak with his date, but he says she is very nice. And they made an attractive couple.

I didn't attend my prom in 1973, yet I'm not trying to relive distant disappointments through our son. We are happy to see him dress up and enjoy these events.

And it has to be great being chauffeured in a white, double-stretch Lincoln...not a pumpkin pulled by field mice. All the riders in this limo look positively thrilled to be going to the event. Even our Kid2, while not smiling broadly is beaming inside. Well done Kid2!

And thanks and kudos's to the parents and staff who volunteered to set up and oversee the wonderful (and
very safe) post-prom party at the school that ran until the wee hour of 4:00


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Fantastic photos and you are correct. His stature does suit the tux very well. He is a fine handsome fellow and that is one great bunch of young people in the photo. I am sure a photo that will be treasured for years to come.
Much congratulations to Kid2 and all the best to his future. I am sure you have done well in raising him to be a wonderful addition to society and I'm looking forward to hearing great successful stories as life progresses!
(Now go and get that 20 bucks!)

Patti said...

Thanks, Michele. We are certainly proud parents!

Odat said...

Sweet! ;-)


Lynn said...

What a nice looking group of kids!. Kid 2 looks especially handsome:~)