Sunday, June 29, 2008

Partytime, and the living is easy

When looking at Patti and myself on the veranda, it seems that we are at our private villa overlooking the sea. As we survey the grand views and moored watercraft. And the water offers a beautiful backdrop to the ever stylish, classy and elegant Patti.
Fast forward to reality and we are actually on New Haven Harbor, more technically Morris Cove. Although not our own, the views are beautiful. There is a celebration for the wedding of Patti’s cousin. Of course the bride looked stunning, and the reception overlooking the harbor was fun. We don’t get out that often to extravaganzas like this, so we do enjoy ourselves when invited.
Patti captured the sunset very nicely (see here), and I am happy to use one of her shots. New Haven is an urban area, but the sea cliff location is one of great views. And St. Bernadette’s church is such a nice place. Of course, aficionados will remember this church as the place where the Five Satins recorded the classic In the Still of the Night in 1955.

It was a fun evening, and we stayed up late. We’re not exactly geezers, but when you are enjoying yourself, it is okay to forget about your sleep for a while.


Joan said...

Wow...the two of you sure do look snazzy in your "go to wedding" outfits. And the locale looks exquisite...what bride and groom wouldn't want to have that beautiful view as the backdrop of all their wedding photos?

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

You two look like a million bucks! Wow...
The scenery is beautiful and it's a lot like us... we wouldn't get all snazzied up as well or go out too much unless for a special function as well but when we do, we will make sure we enjoy ourselves to the fullest.
Beautiful post and again, the sunset shots are spectacular!!!
Mountain Retreat

Linda said...

THAT'S New Haven? Wow! I never would have known it from the pictures!

You both look fantastic and I am so glad to hear you had a good time - you deserve a nice outing once in awhile and who knows? Maybe someday you'll be at that villa!

Mimi Lenox said...

You are such a classy couple and these photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your lovely evening with us.