Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Retired (so to speak. And I don't need a nap)

More van repairs are happening to me (read: $$$) I was on I-91 South in Hartford coming back from my wheelchair van place for lift repairs. I heard an odd noise that sounded like rushing wind. Odd, very odd.

Them boom, my right rear tire went flat. Very flat. Sidewall failure. Happily (if you must) it was the right rear tire, not the front (where the steering could be compromised). I moved over a lane and exited at Airport Road. A state trooper was conveniently placed on the shoulder, and I thumped to a stop in front of him. He called for help, and in 15 minutes I was on my way with my 10 year old spare.

I called Quacks and this money thing is so ludicrous that we laughed about it. We do have a credit line, so
whatever. This after I have to go back to the van place on the 25th for a serious lift weld repair. Many hours at $85 per to fix. I need to have a good working wheelchair lift.

To Town Fair Tire in Newington. Two rear tires for $243.

At 135,000 miles and ten years, things tend to break, leak, rust. On Wednesday, I am going to have the front brake rotors replaced, have the ball joints or other sundry front suspension pieces fixed. And I have a slight radiator leak. I'll pass on the leak fix, unless a recored radiator is cheap enough.

No need to complain. Better to have a safe and reliable Ford for my travels. And no, Ford does not mean:


At this mileage, things break. At least not my spirit. 'Money is just a tool' said Kirk Douglas playing Doc Holliday in the 1957 version of Gunfight at the OK Corral. I love that line and movie. Slightly OT, but Burt Lancaster played a fabulous Wyatt Earp in that film. It's only money.

Even more OT, Patti's mom is doing well in her real estate travails. She is closing on the sale of her fire damaged house on Tuesday, and is buying a condo only 1/2 mile from us. Patti (along with the help of her real estate friend) managed to shave $15K from the asking price. Should anybody get involved in serious negotiations, consider hiring Patti. You'll be glad you did!


Patti said...

hahaha, ho ho ho. tee hee

Linda said...

It's good to see that you have a good attitude about this but were it I, as soon as I'd pulled over that Trooper would have needed a handkerchief or maybe even a bucket as I'm sure I'd have been crying. Sometimes it just seems like it's one thing after another and there's never any end in sight.

Still - it's a very good thing that you managed to pull over safely without any sort of mishap. Thank the Good Lord for that.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i always heard


but that's just me... (sorry)

smiles, bee

Odat said...

Don't cha hate when that happens? I went to have one of my tires fixed the other day. It had a slow leak now for about a month and i've been putting air in it. No big deal. Turns out that the other three tires were Oh well... Like you said, better to be safe!
I just "forked" over the money! :-)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

happy father's day you little airhead! ha ha ha

smiles, bee