Friday, July 25, 2008

Sky Pilot

I wear the moniker Airhead 55 for one simple reason: I like to look at the sky, clouds, birds. On the ground or from an airplane. Blue skies and cloud formations intrigue me.

The three items today are from my '84 Olympics trip, and are on the back pages of the photo compilation. I truly had a great time, and liked the L.A. area (but not the 24 hour traffic jam on I-405 and the Harbor Freeway). However, like all good times, you have to go home. The flight itself was one of those memorable ones.

I remember the flight, and all the minutiae. United flight UA108, LAX-Chicago-Hartford on a big DC-10 with maybe 100 people. A seat by t
he door,
no bathroom lines, you could buy drinks from the bar cart at the bulkhead, smooth flight and the coolest takeoff over Santa Monica Bay. And not captured, night shots with the lightning flashes below the plane, out of harms way but with the clouds below illuminating after each bolt. And excellent shrimp cocktail and raw bar at O'Hare. A variety of small, insignificant (to some, maybe) things that made for a memorable departure back to reality.

And the sky shots. I've posted other photos of this sort before, but a view out the window still captures my interest. The bluest skies, cloud formations and the occasional sighting of another plane, safely separated by air traffic control (we all hope). I hated to leave SoCal, but had enough pictorial memories to be able to relive an excellent time sometimes...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you should have been a pilot ralph! aero sure loves to fly too but not me, i hate it.

now cruising, that's another story!!!

smiles, bee

RennyBA said...

I really do agree with you: Blue skies and cloud formations is a natural beauty! These pics is an amazing proof - thanks for sharing!

Btw: Talking about nature and since you where wondering A Scandinavian Riviera. Just check here :-)

Linda said...

Ah, back when flying was actually fun ... sadly, it seems those days have gone the way of the DoDo.

I have to say that I absolutely love looking at the sky from the plane of the window. The clouds are amazing, the horizon is fascinating, and everything just takes on a whole new look. I'm not real keen on take-offs and landings but once we're up in the air - I love it!

Lovely pictures and great memories; thank you for sharing them with us!