Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Voting is a right

I have noted with a sad resignation the number of bloggers that have a seeming hatred for the McCain-Palin part of the election. Not merely an affection for Obama. I find it a tad upsetting, as it is of such vitriol and venom that I’ll just avoid that post and check in a couple of days later.

I may as well cut to the chase. I am not going to be voting for Obama-Biden, for reasons that are valid to me. That’s the entire statement I’ll make on the election. I’m not about to litigate as to why I will vote the way I will. I have a modicum of intelligence and rational thought. Certainly I have the capacity to make my own mind up.

This has NOTHING to do with race. I am disabled with muscular dystrophy, technically a quadriplegic. As such, I deal with discrimination and human devaluation on a daily basis. So race is not part of this, so no one should ever view it that way.

Even more interestingly, I am dealing with many social service workers and there is a visceral hatred of (in no particular order): Republicans, W, Palin. They have a serious point of view that differs from mine. Last week in a meeting, a group of 20 or so were joking about W to such a degree I was truly uncomfortable. IMO, they were wrong to do so with such hatred in my presence. Yet, I was certainly so outnumbered that the safer course was to say nothing. I can’t imagine how this group would view a guy in a wheelchair who wasn’t voting for Obama. As if I don’t have the intellect to make a rational choice. On my own. My sense of reason is far stronger than my legs...

But why hate? Can there ever be respectful disagreements? Polarization is the norm these days, and I don’t care for it. But I have never advised people to vote one way or the other. We have always taught our children to have their own views…that are theirs and nobody else’s

My hope here is twofold:

  1. I encourage all who have the franchise to exercise it and VOTE.
  2. That I can still visit the sites I enjoy

That's all for tonight. Thanks for listening.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I have never been really political but I do admit I have posted about mccain and palin before. Nothing brain staking. I have no hate for anyone and so much attention this time around has made many to have an oppinion. I'm not even loyal to one party or another I just feel comfortable with some more than others. Respect is the key.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

our country is split in half once again and it saddens me so much. whoever wins will sure have a big job on their hands. i happen to think one is more capable than the other also, but in the end the congress is the maker of the laws. i hope the country can heal when this is over, but it sure will take a long time.

one woman said this to me once. it was my 60th birthday and i commented that it was also laura bush's 60th birthday. she said "i'm sorry". can you imagine? the lovely laura is hated too. so sad.

nice post ralph...

smiles, bee

Mimi Lenox said...

What Bee said is true. Our country is more divided than ever. I wish we could debate our differences with more respect and less indecency.

Thanks, Ralph, for speaking your mind.

Lynn said...

It takes a lot of guts to stand-up for what you believe in... especially when the other side is so vocal and often resorts to attacking a persons character, just because their opinions differ. G-d bless you for having the guts!

Dianne said...

I'm sure my place is one of the sites that make you feel polarized at times and I am sorry for that.

I don't aplogize for any post or any of my words BUT I do apologize if they ever made you feel less valued.

I have a deep respect and fondness for you - and Patti. My tiny bout with mobility issues makes me think of you often - how you have such a vivid wit about yourself and how engaged you are in a world that has been less than kind to you.

I myself have not always been comfortable with MY OWN deep feelings about the current Republicans (not all Republicans) and in recent days I have taken to infusing more humor (albeit sarcastic) into my words.

I do however feel the "hatred" comes from broken hearts. It does for me. I truly, genuinely believe these people have forever altered this country in a deep and dark way and that breaks my heart.

I hope you will always visit. I would miss you terribly if you didn't.

Columbo said...

Having lived and worked in the 60's during the Vietnam War, I vividly remember how fractured our society was. I worked during all the protest in Los Angeles. I worked during all the Manson killings, riots, etc. We do not want to go back to that. We should have leaders who can lead and use good judgement. Our society needs to be taken care of. Our children need to learn and be raised with a belief they can have an positive input in our future. Our government has failed us. I won't say who I am voting for, but I read and vote who I think is best for my family, children, and country.

Leora said...

I don't care much for the polarization, but I especially don't care much for the mud slinging and name calling. The candidates are never perfect. I think one of the problems is people have expectations that government should solve too many of our problems. Recently (with this whole bailout thing), they seem to be causing more.

I was kind of joking that what we need is a benevolent dictator to clean stuff up...

Linda said...

I am so in agreement with you regarding this current election that I can barely stand to turn on the news as I am sick to death of hearing not only the candidates go at each other but everyone else who seems to think that name-calling and mud-slinging is how an election should be run. The mainstream media is NOT making things any better and I just wish that people who knock it off, grow up, and run a respectful campaign. Probably not going to happen, though, is it?

I'm beginning to understand why other countries dislike (no ... hate) we Americans as we act like a bunch of spoiled brats most of the time and seem to have no respect for any our government's leaders whatsoever. It's more important to make fun of and vilify them on comedy shows and constantly talk negatively about them on any and all TV shows.

I don't know what the solution is to our government's woes is but someone had better come up with one soon and I, for one, would be happy to cast my vote for a candidate who could act like an adult and not a churlish child. Know of any??

Linda said...

Oh, and next time I'll check my comment for proper grammar before I hit "publish"!

Bond said...


I have also had one post on the candidates and I hope mine is not one of which you speak.

We differ on our opinion of who should be leading this country the next four years, but I applaud your post and your words.

I am not leaving here and I hope you continue to enjoy your time sitting on The Couch

Roger said...

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Kay said...


We don't have to agree to get along... an idea that I think many people forget.