Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday, thy name is Ruby

This week, Mary (aka: The Teach) has her Ruby Tuesday extravaganza in place this week. She has what may be a challenge to the participatory faithful: "Hi, everyone, today we're going to try to post Just A LITTLE RED in our Ruby Tuesday post".

Okay, I'm game. Much like last week, I am lost in film prints from the 90's, more specifically 1996. This is the first day of third (Allegra) and first (Cameron) grades. The red is subtle here:

  • The #1 on my coffee mug
  • The flower on Minnie Mouse’s hat on A’s jumper
  • The ‘Press’ label on my seat belt
  • The floral print on Patti’s dress (really subtle…)
  • Cam’s socks
  • Cam’s backpack straps
  • Allegra’s pink socks
  • The neighbor’s car and house

That’s all I can see. This is a fine art, keeping the red to a minimum. Thanks Mary for the challenge!


Grandma Faith said...

I'm new to Ruby Tuesday, but I love it already. Little bits of red do make the world a prettier place.

Askew To You said...

I like the way you listed them. It gave me something to hunt for, turned it into a game. :D

Happy Ruby Tuesday to you, Ralph!

~Just Me~ said...

What a cool idea, I may try that too!!

Anonymous said...

Nice game.


joyeux Ruby Tuesday

Denise BC said...

Hi, Ralph
His red was good enough for us to play tuesday, good contribution. I thank you for sharing and commenting on my language, Portuguese.

Your chair is very fitted, I liked it. My son also uses a wheelchair, and it is red, see the link:Hotel Fazenda

Hugs, Denise

Felisol said...

Dear Ralph,
such a rpoud upstanding family.
I do think you forgot he ruby lipstick of your wife.
-These days one has to be really paying attention og who wears a lipstick in the USA:
From Felisol

Raven said...

What a lovely family photo... lots of nice "little" reds. Wonderful Ruby Tuesday shot.

Becky and Gary said...

Wow, I never would have found all those. Super choice !
Have a happy Tuesday.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I liked this..your creative..happy tuesday.

Dianne said...

Cool idea

and I love how pretty y'all you are!

Anonymous said...

Love all the little reds in this picture :)

Carletta said...

Hi Ralph,
I'm so late getting around to everyone's RRT posts.
Excellent choices. Would you believe the red socks were what caught my eye first.
Lovely family photo!

Bond said...

Most excellent Ralph.

I missed this week, but have a number of photos for the next few weeks, which I just came upon.

Leora said...

Love all the bits of red. Cam's socks rate the highest.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Yep. very subtlt red...but that was Mary's challenge this week. You did very well!

the teach said...

What a great family picture, Ralph! AND a great Ruby Tuesday "just a little RED" post! Sorry it took me so long to come visit you! I have to get over to Patti as well! :)