Friday, October 31, 2008

For the last time, I am not wearing...a costume!

The date that may live in infamy here is November 1, 1986. Like this year, Halloween was on a Friday, but holiday parties were held on both nights. We were invited to a dress-up party, and this one was a role playing party of a Prohibition Era yacht wreck. We weren't given roles per se, but were invited to take pictures and imbibe. Which we did. The costuming was great, the captain had a ship's officer uniform, one of the protagonists was wearing a flapper dress, and so on. For us, we wanted to wear clothing apropos to the period. I had the argyle vest, socks and hat. So, I went to a pro shop and acquired a pair of knickers...a gatsbyesque look I'd say! And Patti's mom helped her with the skirt and millinery (aka 'hat'. I decided to use a term of that era. I am older than I look...). The results are all the more excellent as I went for a sepia tone and an aging print to scan. It was quite an event, and if I am game someday, I'd scan all the pictures pictures and post same.

We just turned out the outside light, after receiving over 90 princesses, goblins, skeletons, firemen, and assorted costumed urchins. None scary, but all cute!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Don't you look dapper.

SheSue said...

And isn't it funny that argyle is back in style. You'd be quite the fashion plate today. Okay maybe not the sox and knickers.

Patti said...

Aren't we cute?
Or should I say, weren't we cute?

Linda said...

You still are cute!

You definitely look like you should be out jitter-bugging or something!