Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aye aye, Captain

Or is it
Eyes? I originally posted this picture in a post last
year. I still do not know how this happened....I believe it was taken in the early days of our foray into digital photography around 2002. This is all that appears. I don't know the circumstances, but this shot highlights my eyes. So what does my expression mean? Surprised, but not startled? Smiling, yet with no visible laugh lines? Pensive or relaxed?
The plot, thin as it may be, thickens...

What is
mysterious is that I'm not wearing sunglasses. In the PC world, the terms for me include the term challenged. Not only I am physically challenged, I am also glare challenged. I see brightness in clouds, snow and rain. So I wear sunglasses in just about every daylight sky condition. But that's just me.

I am even smiling in the beach shot in a beach wheelchair at Craigville Beach on Cape
Cod. A reminder or warm weather arriving again, someday...


Queen-Size funny bone said...

It hasn't even gotten that cold yet and I'm already wishing for that beach day once again.

Terry said...

Hi Ralph.
I wish I had the ability to see brightness in the clouds, snows and rains! There is a silver lining in every cloud, eh?...if we only took the chance to see it!
I think that this must be a self portrait that you took.
I used to take Bernie's and my picture all of the time , holding the camera back as I shot and I was always cutting off both of our chins...never got the knack of it!!
Just saying hi as I try to finish visiting the rest of my ruby Tuesday comments....
Take care....from Terry..southern Ontario where we too are waiting for the warm weather to please COME BACK!!

PS...My little sister. Karen[43] has pretty blue eyes like that and all of the five other girls of Mom and Dad Golden had brown eyes and we were all very jealous!!...Ha!

Catherine said...

Well, what does that mean?
Surely that eyes expression is not enough to have an idea of one's thoughts and feelings!?