Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bayside Fashion Show

I enjoy looking at the many old black & white family photos we have in boxes. A long while ago, I posted this photo, and do so again as I enjoy the period charms. This was taken in April, 1957, and was taken at the same time as two year old Ralph in my blog sidebar. The place is our rental abode at 204-07 35th Avenue
in Bayside NY (Queens). Michele (age 3) and myself were going to The City (aka: Manhattan) with Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Terry. In those days, to go downtown you always got dressed up.
Check out the fine wool suits on the ladies, and the hats. As Terry was only 15 here, she is wearing late 1950’s style, and that hat looking like a flying saucer. Grandma, on the other hand, was dressed in a prior style with the hat and animal around her neck (Mink? Chinchilla?). I think that Grandpa probably drove us to the City in his three-tone (white, plum and black) 1955 Dodge Lancer. I just don't think those outfits were subway friendly. It might have been a trick to just sit down in those suits. We were dressed up as well, Michele in that white hat. I obviously don’t remember the trip, but the photo makes it fun to guess what might have happened…


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I use to have the same dream over and over for years and my mother was dressed in a black suit and hat like the lady on the left and I was dressed just like that little girl. crazy..

Gattina said...

That reminds me how I was dressed up at 15, lol ! Today I wouldn't wear that !

Bond said...

Great outfits and a wonderful memory.

Olga said...

love old fashioned black and white photos!

Catherine said...

Grandpa was wearing a hat, wasn't he? Just like every men in that period.
I love every thing in that post.
The picture, your explanations, the period, clothes, you make me nostalgic.
I have pictures of my mom, aunt, and grandma just like yours!

I thought it was a Monochrome Monday post. Just a suggestion, you could participate.

Leora said...

Love that flat white hat. And the whole post.

Dianne said...

Ahhhh yes! Trips to 'the City'


that house looks a lot like the garden apartment I grew up in. I have to get a scanner!! history is waiting to be shared.

beautiful family Ralph! we were both born in 55 :)
my how young we are

maryt/theteach said...

Ralph, that photo could have been in my collection of photos when my brother and I were small and going to Easter Mass all dressed up. And I pass 35th Avenue so very often on Bell Blvd which isn't far from 204th St. I go to the Bay Terrace shopping Center all the time which is up on 26th Avenue and Bell. My mother had one of those foxes hanging around her neck too! I have to laugh! I can't imagine EVER wearing something like that today! And the hats... Oy! Well thanks for the walk down memory lane! Say hello to Patty! :)